When the planets invaded by aliens, what heroic effort does Dru Richards do? She runs. Don't get me wrong, she'd love to be a hero but honestly? Anyway, hiding on a deserted island with her brother, her best friend and her best friends younger brother, they soon find they weren't the only ones hiding on the island. Once Dru starts to fall for a guy in her former class, she finds she's more important in this war then she thinks


4. Not Alone

Getting into the dingy and setting up the food was easy. The hard part was making sure no one spotted us. My eyes glanced to the stone still on board. I had a feeling that's what attracted the aliens, call it a hunch I guess. I didn't want to take any chances so I grabbed it. "First we need to drop this opposite of where we're going." I said certain. They gave me questioning looks but agreed.

After two hours and 30 minutes we found a perfect island. Deserted, had jungle and vegetation and looked high and wide enough not to be submerged in water after lots of waves. We exchanged glances. This is the place we'd hide. Anabelle looked up. She'd been asleep through most of the trip and was now really talkative. "Are we going to stay here?" She asked. I smiled "yes." She cheered and as soon as we were on shore she hopped off and ran into the jungle. We got our bags and followed after her.

She'd stopped at a small, shady clearing with a crystal clear lake to the side. I clapped "well done anabelle!" She seemed pleased with her find and sat down, playing with some rocks. It was Ryan's turn to have a plan. "Ok me and bailey will get some wood for fire, you and jazmin should go get any materials you can find that will make a shelter. But be careful!" He added. Me and jazmin walked off and started talking about all the people we'd miss when someone charged at us with a stick. "AHH!" We yelled. And put our arms over our heads. She looked up at us and I smiled with relief as I ran to her and gave her a hug. "Chelsea!" I said with delight, "you're alive!" Jazmin cheered. "Are there any other people?" Chelsea nodded. "Only me,jake and Jordan." I cheered. We weren't alone!
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