When the planets invaded by aliens, what heroic effort does Dru Richards do? She runs. Don't get me wrong, she'd love to be a hero but honestly? Anyway, hiding on a deserted island with her brother, her best friend and her best friends younger brother, they soon find they weren't the only ones hiding on the island. Once Dru starts to fall for a guy in her former class, she finds she's more important in this war then she thinks


2. Aliens

"That's ridiculous!" Rachel said after a minute of silence. "That's against everything us scientists know! It's mathematically and theologically impossible!" But you could hear the edge in her voice as if she was reassuring herself.there were more bangs. I counted them up to 29. If this was aliens, we were screwed. Just one of those planes could hold 360 humans at least, imagine 29 of them! I panicked and got off the boat, swimming to shore. The others were close behind. We had to be certain

. It took exactly 10minutes for the gun fires to start. For the screams and the cries to happen. I ran to my house just down the street. But I was to late. I looked in the window and there they were. Lying lifeless on the ground while an alien stood over them. My parents.

I froze. Nonononono "NO!!" I actually screamed. Something pulled me back around the corner and covered my mouth. I kicked and struggled. "Easy!" Ryan whispered. I looked up at my big brother. I could see his eyes swelled up with tears he wouldn't let out. His brown hair had drops of something icky in it-wait! Was that blood? Had he been near my parents when they..they.. I couldn't think of the rest of my sentence. Ryan put on a brave face but I could read him like a book. He was tired,terrified and sad so so sad. I had to think logically like Ryan right now. Getting my emotion in two hands, I put it in a box to the back of my mind. I figured out a plan. "Ryan. Meet me at the boat I went on. The keys are hidden behind the radar screen if I'm not there in time. I'm going to go get jazmin, she's just down the road, and then we're going to leave." Ryan argued. For an older brother he sure was stupid. He knows when I set my mind on something, I do it no matter how many people are against it. "Shutup. I'm going wether you like it or not so get your ass going." I whispered back then I left

Dead bodies were everywhere and so were the aliens. I tried not to look at them to much or I'd vomit. They were 1000 times worse than how movies and books described them. Imagine your biggest fear, then make it twice as ugly and 1000times more scary. There you have it. I hid in trees and bushes and finally made it to jazmins. I saw her around the back in the games/shed thing. Smart girl, I never would've guessed she'd be there if I hadn't known her so well. And her younger brother bailey was crouched near the bar closet. "There's no one in your house." I said, after checking no one else was here. "Ok" she said shaking and we went into their house. Big mistake.
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