Lose My Mind <3 Harry Styles Love Story

Everyone knows Harry Styles... He's the flirtatious curly-haired member of One Direction. Well, he was that person. Now he's gone. He's lost his mind. Not literally, but he's no longer a part of One Direction, and One Direction no longer exists. The boys are fine, all except Harry. He's horrible; he's doing horrible things, thinking horrible things... His life is HORRIBLE. Can anyone change him? Can anyone save him? .... Along comes a girl named Roseanna... Who intends on doing just that.


5. You've Already Let Me In

5. You've Already Let Me In.

Harry's POV:

The words were echoing in my head, Do I know you? I wanted to say, No, but I couldn't. I kept standing there, watching her. Her voice... Was Beautiful. I've never heard anything quite like it. I cant see her face, but I know she's beautiful. I quietly scan the outline of her body. Flawless.

Tell her who you are.

What? No! I can't trust her!

Trust her...

No! I'm not telling her my name! I kept arguing with the voice of the wind whispering in my ear.

I told you He had a plan for you... She is His plan.

I don't believe you. I'm just going to turn around, and walk back home.

Turning around, I begin to walk back home. Meow. Lou! I forgot Lou!!! Spinning around, I was expecting to see Lou being taken, beaten, hurt... But I was way off. The girl was sitting cross legged on the grass beside Lou.

Anger flared inside me. "What are you doing?!" I boomed.

I watched as she jumped to her feet. Stop, you're scaring her. I don't give a crap! I can scare her all I want! She can't walk into my life! I wont let her do that!

"I-I'm sorry... Your kitten... Sorry." She stuttered as she backed away from Lou.

Lou did the unthinkable, and followed her. "Lou, come boy." I said, patting my legs.

He wouldn't listen. He always listened. "Lou!" I cried. I can't be abandoned again, not by Lou.

Tell her who you are. Lou likes her, she is His plan. I cant...

I slowly lowered to my knees, "Lou..." I quietly cried. "Lou, please..."

Hearing those words come from my mouth reminded of the time I said them to Louis Tomlinson...

*Flashback: Middle of 'Take Me Home' Tour right after concert*

I logged off of twitter, anger clearly written on my face. They actually think I had a thing with Louis' girl?! That's Eleanor! She's like my sister! I would never!

"Harry! Is it true?!" Louis yelled at me, shoving his phone in my face.

"No! I'd never do that! Eleanor's yours! I would never!" I said, appalled that he actually thinks I'd do that to him.

"Come on, Harry. You always get the girls! STAY AWAY FROM ELEANOR."

"I don't want Eleanor! The press is being stupid like always, Lou!"

He begins to walk out the door, and before he's completely out of my sight, he turns and says, "I can't believe I actually called you my best friend."

"Lou!" I called after him, but he left. "Lou, please!"

*End of Flashback: Present Day.*

My eyes were closed, but I knew she was walking towards me. I wanted her to go away. She just took away my best friend... Lou... He's not mine anymore.

Open your eyes...

I did as told, because I was too weak to say no. She was there, holding Lou in her arms. I sighed, a tear rolling down my cheek. Why would you want me to witness this?! I asked the voice.

Now open your heart... Tell her who you are.

I sighed, and Lou was slowly lowered in front of me. His eyes glowing. He really did like her... Maybe I should... "I'm very sorry for disrupting you and bothering you. I'll be on my way now. You kitten is very sweet, and I wish the best for you. Goodnight." she said, slowly walking away.

Hurry! Before she's gone! Tell her!

I close my eyes, and breathe in a breath. I look at Lou for support, and he miraculously nods. My eyes widen, and without think tell her to stop. I look up at her as she stops and faces me, her hands in her back pockets nervously.

"I'm sorry for being rude. I'm not used to visitors or people... " I sigh once more. "My name's Harry. Yours?"

Roseanne's POV:

Did he just say Harry? That voice... The hair... The name... It can't be.

"I'm Roseanne. But, please... Call me Rosie." I smiled at him. I can't believe that I'm with Harry Styles. That he's here of all places. I'm not a fan, but it's still crazy.

He slowly stands up, and walks towards me. His hand outstretched to me, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Rosie."

I shake his hand and smile again. "You don't happen to be Harry Styles?" I asked, shifting on my feet nervously.

He sighs loudly. "In fact... I am."

"You don't seem happy about that..."

"Why would I? Everybody hates me."

"Everybody's an overstatement."

"Actually, no. I listen to the radio, everyone thinks it was my fault."

He needs someone to care. That's why He gave him you...

"Harry, that's where you're wrong." Finally, the moon comes out bright enough for me to see his face. He looks like he did when he was in One Direction, but less put together, more uncaring. I could see in his eyes that he's putting pieces together on what I said.

"... You said your car wasn't working..." he whispered, still staring into my eyes. "You need a place to stay..."

Say yes.

"Stay with me," he says, grabbing my hand gently.

I nod, and follow him.

Harry's POV:

When she said those words, "Harry, that's where you're wrong," and stared into my eyes... I knew what the wind was telling me earlier. I can trust this girl. She is His plan...

As I guide her back to my horrible house, I could hear Lou meowing and purring with her touch. I smiled, just knowing that I'm not alone anymore... That she could fix something... Something deep inside me.

As we arrived at my home, I knew she wouldn't like it. She's probably used to sleeping in a large house with real lights, and running water. I rolled my eyes at those kind of people. They need to understand that they can live without it. Like, me. I used to think that way, but now I know that I don't need it.

I grab the key from the tree, and unlock the door. The door squeaks open, and the whole house is filled with darkness. I could hear her breathing behind me. Surprisingly, the breath was controlled and not rapid like the other stupid girls. I walked around the room, searching for my lantern. Once I found it, I lit it, and turned it on dimly. The light warmly lit the room, to uncover the untidiness of the small space I lived in.

I turned to look at her, and to apologize for the untidiness, but I couldn't. She was smiling, and walking aimlessly around the room. "I love this place. It's so... Peaceful."

My mouth dropped agape as she said those words. "Really?"

"Mhm," she harmonically mumbled, walking over to the couch and sitting.

"Sorry for the uncomfortable couch, and the untidiness of the place."

"Oh, it's just fine." she said, catching me off guard. "All you need is some fairy lights that run on batteries and this place is perfect." she smiled widely at me.

I smiled back, surprised that she actually liked the place... Now that I could actually see all of her, I knew she wasn't at all like the other girls. She was different. Very different. She was more beautiful than anyone or anything I've ever seen, and she had the most perfect curves. I cant believe I'm thinking this, but her boobs were the perfect shape, and her eyes hypnotized me.

"I'm glad you think that way..." I couldn't help but stare at her. She was an angel. (Here's what she looks like: http://weheartit.com/entry/53929553/via/Dani16 but with emerald green eyes) I slowly sat next to her, her watching my every move.

"So, is this where you've been hiding for all this time?" she asked.


"Well, I am very impressed. This is the absolute perfect place to get away from it all." she smiled softly at me.

"I know," I agreed. "Until you showed up, I'm the only one to ever set foot on that meadow by the lake."

"Oh... Sorry." she apologized.

"No need to apologize..."



"I really am sorry, though."

"For what?" I asked.

"For everything," she stared into my eyes. "You didn't deserve any of that treatment. Nothing was wrong with you, and nothing is wrong with you. You were going through a hard time, and no one would leave you alone. I understand."

"Hah," I couldn't help but be a little sarcastic. "How could you understand?! To have hate thrown at you everywhere you went. To have people ripping apart everything you said... To have people reminding you of the horrible things that you've done to make you feel bad..."

"Harry... I do understand. Believe it or not, but I didn't have the best life in High School. I did things that I regret, and people held it against me. My..." she inhaled deeply. "Father," it seemed like it took all of her breath to just say that one word. "passed away... and people kept telling me about it. He was my dad, I knew that he passed away, but they kept reminding me of it. They always wanted to talk about it, and no matter how many times I told them that I didn't want to, they did it anyways."

I can't believe what I'm hearing. She's gone through most of what I've gone through... But not a widely populated.

"But, I know that you're thinking that you had it worse because people all around the country were shooting you down... And I'm not trying to make a competition out of this.. I'm just trying to say that you can talk about it with me. You don't have to be afraid of me, or afraid of if I were to tell people you live. I wont, I respect your privacy and your need for isolation." she explains, gently touching my hand for support.

I look down and sigh. "I have something to get off my chest. I thought that telling Lou would help me, but it hasn't, and I've been avoiding it for the longest time now."

She nods. "Go ahead. I'm all ears, and no mouth."

She knows exactly what to say to me... I inhale once more, and start to long story of everything that's happened to me in the past year. "But, here's what I'm trying to say... I'm lonely, and I know it... But I'm too afraid to let anyone in."

"Harry... May I say something?"

"Yes," I tell her, nodding.

"Okay. Harry... You've already let me in."

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