Lose My Mind <3 Harry Styles Love Story

Everyone knows Harry Styles... He's the flirtatious curly-haired member of One Direction. Well, he was that person. Now he's gone. He's lost his mind. Not literally, but he's no longer a part of One Direction, and One Direction no longer exists. The boys are fine, all except Harry. He's horrible; he's doing horrible things, thinking horrible things... His life is HORRIBLE. Can anyone change him? Can anyone save him? .... Along comes a girl named Roseanna... Who intends on doing just that.


1. The Day He Lost His Mind

1. The Day He Lost His Mind.

*INTERVIEW March 16th, 2014.*

Ellen: Hello, everybody! Today is going to be a very special show for you all! *cheering* We've got many special guests tonight! And four of them will surely spark your fancy! *more cheering* Everybody! Please! Welcome Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. The boys of the former boy band, One Direction! Hello, boys. So, Boys... Why did One Direction end?

Louis: Well, Ellen... It mostly ended because we're all now adults. Adults who want to settle down- me with Eleanor, Liam with Sophie, Zayn with Perrie, and Niall with Emma.

Ellen: Oh, so the main reason was because you all grew out of it, and wanted to start families?

Liam: Exactly.

Ellen: But, I understand that there's more to this ending of One Direction, correct?

Liam: *sigh* Sadly, yes. It seemed like ending One Direction was the only sensible thing to do. Our dear friend, Harry... He... He wasn't doing very well.

Ellen: Oh, yes... I understand that he had been acting up quite a lot the whole 'Take Me Home' tour.

Louis: Yeah... I miss him terribly. I knew something was going on when I called him 'Boo Bear' and he didn't smile or respond.

Ellen:  What exactly happened to him? Why did he act up?

Zayn: We're pretty sure that the fame got to him. Being famous is very hard to be. It seems like everyone was trying to get something out of you; fame, money, sex... It wasn't good.

Louis: No, and we didn't really have to worry about that. It was mostly Harry. He was the most vulnerable. Girls liked him because he was 'sexy'. The press loved him because he couldn't control himself around girls. In the end, he had enough, and didn't know where to turn.

Niall: Yeah, it was partly our fault... He needed help, comfort... And we were too busy with our stuff to help him with his. We made a pact- in the beginning of One Direction- that we were going to be there for everyone, no matter what. We broke that pact, and Harry suffered because of it.

Liam: Yeah, I mean... When his Mum died... It was a really hard time. He lost his way because of it, and girls then started throwing themselves at him. He needed help, and we weren't willing to help him.

Ellen: Poor Harry... Where is he now, do you know?

Louis: No. He left without warning one day, and his whole bedroom was completely trashed. We called his sister, and she didn't know either. All that we do know is that he's out there by himself... And very worried for him because he's not right in his mind right now.

Zayn: Yeah, very worried.

Ellen: The last reported sighting of him was told to be the last interview that he did with you guys... And everyone who watched it, or watches it now, can completely understand what you meant, Louis, by he's not in his right mind. Lets watch it...



Interviewer: So, boys! There's been some news about the latest scandal... You wanna hear about it?

Boys (not harry): Sure!

Harry: *head down in hands, shaking his leg*

Interviewer: Alright! Here it is! Harry has been seen with over ten different girls in one week! He's been reported drunk half the time, and "horny" the other half!

Boys: .... *looks at Harry.*

Louis: Boo Bear? Are you okay? Is that true?

Harry: *doesn't look up, doesn't answer.* *Both legs shaking now*

Interviewer: Well, it seems like you life right now, Harry, is getting really complicated. I mean- with your mum's death, and all your friends having long-term girlfriends instead of you. Plus, you've gotten a number of girls pregnant-

Harry: STOP!! JUST STOP!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! *flips over table, runs out.*

Louis: Harry!! HARRY! COME BACK! HARRY! *runs after him*

Liam: I think we better end this interview now.


Ellen: Louis, did you get to talk to him afterwards?

Louis: *tear rolls down his cheek* No... He left, and I couldn't find him. I thought I'd be able to talk to him when we got back to the Hotel... But when we got home... *puts head in hands*

Niall: He wasn't there... The room was trashed, there was blood everywhere... But what hurt us the most was that the picture of us from the beginning of the X Factor that we promised we'd always keep, and we put in a frame so we could hang it every room we stayed in...

Liam: was punched until no glass was left, and the picture was torn up into pieces. There was blood on the frame and everything... And Harry was nowhere in sight...

Zayn: We don't know what happened to him after that. We searched and searched, but we never found him. No records of him anywhere...

Louis: That was and is the worst day of my life... The day he lost his mind.


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