Lose My Mind <3 Harry Styles Love Story

Everyone knows Harry Styles... He's the flirtatious curly-haired member of One Direction. Well, he was that person. Now he's gone. He's lost his mind. Not literally, but he's no longer a part of One Direction, and One Direction no longer exists. The boys are fine, all except Harry. He's horrible; he's doing horrible things, thinking horrible things... His life is HORRIBLE. Can anyone change him? Can anyone save him? .... Along comes a girl named Roseanna... Who intends on doing just that.


3. Gonzaga University

3. Gonzaga University

Roseanna's POV:

I sped down the interstate, feeling the wind breeze through my dark brown, wavy hair. I loved the feeling of the wind running through my hair, it brought me peace. Currently, I'm driving through Washington state in my old red Mustang GT500 with the windows down. The radio stations are horrible where I'm at; an incredibly rural stretch of land, and I'm flipping through the channels.

Why can't there be any good Classic Rock stations?? The only stations are the Pop stations that cant seem to shut up about Justin Bieber and his current engagement with Alexa Nikolas, bleck. Finally, the stupid sounds of the constant changing of channels were bothering me too much, so I just left it on a random station.

"Today is the five year anniversary of One Direction! Well, if there still was a One Direction... Okay, people, now is the time to see what was the winner of the vote: Harry's Fault? or Not? ready... And the votes are in! Here's the winner! It... WAS Harry's Fault! Woo! Thanks for your votes, and here's one of One Direction's most famous songs, not recorded with Harry Styles. Instead of Harry's Solo, Niall took his place! Everybody! Here's What Makes You Beautiful!"

The song comes on, and I turn off the radio all together. I'm not a fan of One Direction. I think people need to chill out about this "Boy Band". I mean, obviously it's been a year and some ever since they broke up. Why can't people move on!?

What really ticks me off is how they're all blaming Harry for the break up of the band. It's not his fault that he had enough of the hatred people were throwing at him, and all of the cameras being up his nose! I would quit too if that happened to me!

But here's the thing:

Quitting is one thing. Running away and hiding is a complete other. If he hid from everybody, then it's clearly not his fault. Something was happening that he didn't like, and he urgently needed to get away from it.

For crying out loud! His mum died for Pete's sake! That is not a thing to constantly bring up at interviews. I would kill somebody if they kept bringing up my father's death. Heck, I beat a girl up in High School for doing just that!

Finally, I reached a small town, and I pulled over for gas. While waiting for the gas tank to fill up, I quickly stepped inside the small rest station. I quickly grabbed a small bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and a Chocolate Milk. While the cashier was ringing up my food items, I decided to ask him if there were any good Classic Rock stations available from here to Spokane.

"Uh... Yes, actually! Just over the hill there, there will be a great station. It's my favorite station, actually! It's 127.9. They have everything from Journey to Queen. I think you'll love it." he told me, while placing me items in a small brown paper bag.

"Thank you very much!" I grabbed my items, and put them in my passenger seat.


I finally reached the University where I would be spending four years at; Gonzaga University. The campus is absolutely beautiful. I park outside of the main office and go inside to sign in.

"Okay, Miss Hope. Your dorm is in building B, fifth floor, door 56. The dorm is preferably big, so yes you can keep small animals inside. You will have a dorm partner, and we ask that you take her needs into consideration. Have a nice day, and I hope you enjoy yourself here at Gonzaga University!" the lady told me.

Aw, she's nice. I thought to myself. Now I just need to find out where building B is...



Gonzaga is a really nice place full of nice people, and nice teachers. But, there's no place for me to really be alone. Everywhere I go, my roommate follows, and it's getting on my nerves. I need to find a place to be alone... And fast.


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