Lose My Mind <3 Harry Styles Love Story

Everyone knows Harry Styles... He's the flirtatious curly-haired member of One Direction. Well, he was that person. Now he's gone. He's lost his mind. Not literally, but he's no longer a part of One Direction, and One Direction no longer exists. The boys are fine, all except Harry. He's horrible; he's doing horrible things, thinking horrible things... His life is HORRIBLE. Can anyone change him? Can anyone save him? .... Along comes a girl named Roseanna... Who intends on doing just that.


4. Do I Know You?

4. Do I Know You?

Harry's POV:

I laid there, feeling the warm breeze engulf me. Lou was passed out and purring peacefully next to me as I watched the clouds. It was nearing Spring, and I could feel the temperature slowly rise. I swiftly lifted my shirt over my head and laid back down on the grass.

I knew no one could find me. No, no one would find me. I loved the thought of it; I have a Safe Haven. A place where I'm safe from people, from hurt. Are you sure that you want to be alone, Harry? I heard the wind whisper in my ear.

"Yes," I answered. "I'm sure. People hate me, and I love being alone."

Harry, stop lying to yourself.

"I'm not lying to myself!" I said, getting angry.

Harry, just wait. He has a plan for you, and that plan will come soon... Just wait.

"I've been waiting my whole life. Nothing happens. Whoever you're talking about wont help me now, because he didn't help me when I really needed the help."

...Just wait...

Wait for what?! For me to die, yeah okay. I'm already waiting.

Roseanne's POV:

I've been driving around Spokane for almost the whole day, and I haven't been able to find the right place. I keep driving and driving, and all I could find was people. I don't want people, I want nature and nothing else.

I look up and see the beautiful sunset in front of me. I roll down the window, and immediately I hear something whisper in my ear the words, Follow the sunset.

I do as told, but as I got to a wood, I had to stop. I smiled to myself. A wood. A forest! A place to finally be alone. Now that I've found it, I can go home and then come back tomorrow. Keep going.

I whisper to whatever is whispering to me, "I can't. I need to go home."

The wind picks up as I try to turn my car on.


"No!" I try again, but the car wont start. I get aggravated and come down on the steering wheel with m fists. "Come on!"

Follow the sunset. Never stop.

I sigh. Fine, I have nothing better to do. I swiftly get out of the car, and close the door nicely. I don't want to hurt my car, she's a beauty. I then begin walking through the wood, listening to wind whisper in my ear.

Soon, I become transfixed. The sunset is almost gone, and the wood around me becomes spooky. I'm not turning back, though. I can't. Close your eyes, let me guide you.

I do as told, and just let go. I kept hearing the wind whisper comforting things into my ear, and then it faded away. The last words I heard of it were: Don't stop, don't be afraid. He will protect you.

Who? What? I continue to walk, and my ears then filled with something else than the wind. It was the slow swishing of the lake. Lake? What lake?! I look at every map of Spokane and I didn't come across a lake in this area!

No, wait... No there's a different sound. A Guitar. I can't believe what I'm hearing. A guitar? Who would be playing a guitar out in the middle of nowhere?

Keep going... Never stop... Sing along.

At that moment, the guitar stops, and I hear a familiar song being played. It's Ed Sheeran's song "Give Me Love." I love that song. I decide to obey the voice within me, what do I have to lose?

When it's the right time, I take a deep breath and quietly sing the first verse.

"Give me love, like her.

Cause lately I've been waking up alone. 

Pain spots the tear drops on my shirt.

I told I'd let them go.

And I have find my corner,

maybe tonight I'll call you.

After my blood turns into alcohol.

Mm, I just want to hold ya..."

The guitar stops, and I hear the voice inside my head tell me to open my eyes. I do as told, and see a boy my age with curly brown hair sitting with a guitar. There was a small kitten standing next to him. I couldn't see his face, but I knew he was shocked.

A name was being whispered inside my head, but I couldn't place it.

"Uhm, I'm sorry... My car wouldn't start, and I wanted to see the sunset more clearly..." I was at a loss for words... Wait... How did I even talk? I didn't know I just talked!

He cleared his throat, and placed the guitar down on the grass. "S-sorry... I... Should be going anyways."

His voice was deep and raspy. British, too. Wait... I know who that is... I think. "Uhm, excuse me..." He turned around slowly. "Do I know you?"


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