Pregnant as a Teen

A fictional story about a young girl, Jessica, who gets pregnant as a teenager.


1. The Beggining

        "Mom! I'm going to Eric's." She hated when I went over his house. "Don't do... anything girls your age shouldn't be doing."

"Will you just trust me for once, please? I mean... I won't do, THAT. I'll do other things though. You know?"

"You lost me, hun. Just don't have sex. You'll end up like how I was a 16."

"I won't." I smiled.

"Good. How are you getting there?"

I grabbed my purse from the kitchen table. "I'll drive. Where's the keys?" She pointed to the hook on the door way. "Thanks." My mom nodded and went back to doing the dishes.

        I walked up to my room and found an Under Armour duffel bag. I packed all my make-up and things to do my hair with. I looked around my room for things to pack. I whispered to myself, "Got it!" I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some 'toys' and condoms. I could hear my mom walking toward my room so I shoved the stuff into my duffel bag. "You might want to take this." She handed me Eric's jacket he left at my house two days ago. I took the dark blue jacket from her hands, gently and put it ontop of the stuff I packed. "Thanks, mom. I gotta change, so..." I nodded toward the door. "Oh, yeah! Sorry Jessica. Just tell me when you're leaving." I nodded.

        I put my arm out of the window to feel the weather. I thought to myself, "Finally. Warm weather..." I pulled off my shirt and sweats and looked through my dresser. Nothing. I looked through my closet and found a hot pink tank top and really short ripped shorts. I looked at the other wall of my closet and found white wedges and black strappy heels. I couldn't decide between the two, so I pulled out a pair of black high top converse. I dressed myself to perfection.

        Hair and make-up time. I pulled my long, blonde, hair into a big messy bun on the top of my head and added a lime green headband. Pink eyeshadow and fake eyelashes went on my bright blue eyes. I dug through my make-up bag to find my sparkly lip gloss. I pulled that over my lips and grabbed my bag and purse from my bed. "I'm headed off to see Eric!" "Okay, Jess. Be back soon!" "I'll be back, sometime." I smiled.

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