Pregnant as a Teen

A fictional story about a young girl, Jessica, who gets pregnant as a teenager.


2. Pregnancy

        Mrs. Bednarski answered the door. Her bright smile distracted me. "Hi Jessica. Eric's upstairs in his room." I smiled, "Thanks." I walked up the stairs and got to his door. His music was jamming the hallway. I opened the door and he was sitting in a chair with his back to me. I walked over slowly and stretched over his shoulder to kiss him. He laughed and turned the music down to only a small buzzing sound. He walked over and sat in a red beanbag chair by his bed. I walked over and locked the door for some privacy. I set my bags on his bed and I went over to sit on his lap.

        "Hey Jessi. You look beautiful. I've missed you." He pushed his brown floppy hair, out of his face and kissed me gently. The kiss seemed to last forever. I bit my lip and looked into his light brown eyes. Eric pulled my tank top and shorts off. I handed him a condom and threw the toys on the bed. I threw my bags on the ground and we took it from there.




        He handed me my bra and underwear. I got into my pajamas and cuddled in bed with him. "You used the condom, didn't you?" He looked down at my face and grinned. "Maybe." Then he winked. "Eric! I can get pregnant, you deuce!" He laughed. "Really Eric. It's not funny." He laughed again. "I've always wanted to be a dad." I got my purse and looked for the keys to my car. I packed all my stuff. "I'll talk to you in about a month. If I'm pregnant, we're done." He sat up. "Jessica. It was a joke!" I started to get tears in my eyes. "Yeah. Great joke. It'll be hilarious explaining to your mom in 9 months what happened."

        I looked at my phone. Already 12 texts from Eric. I can't go home, because my mom will ask why I'm home. I can't go inside with Eric. I decided to go to Nicole's house. She was my best friend from Kindergarten. I drove around the block to her house.

        Nicole answered the door. "Jessica! It's 3 am. Get in here. What happened?" I forced a small smile and wiped my eyes. "Nothing. Just Eric." She sat us down on her couch. "Just Eric? Jessica. Please tell me." She gave me a puppy dog face which made me laugh. "I handed him a condom, but he didn't put it on." She looked confused. "Okay?" "And we had sex...." She looked surprised. "Really? That bitch." I laughed. "He said it was a 'just a joke' " She yawned. "He's a bitch. You should get to sleep, though. I'll talk to you tomorrow." I nodded and we headed to her room to sleep.

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