Pregnant as a Teen

A fictional story about a young girl, Jessica, who gets pregnant as a teenager.


3. 5 Weeks Later

        "Mom, I'm going to Nicole's." "Okay. Be back in 2 hours." I nodded. I grabbed`my car keys. I didn't go to Nicole's house, but I went to the gas station instead. I looked around in the pharmacy section. I found what I was looking for. Pregnancy test. I grabbed 3 different brands just in case.

        I headed to the check out and then to the bathroom. I pulled the fist one out of the box. Positive. I let out a whimper. I whispered to myself. "I did turn out like my mom. Pregnant at 16." I pulled out the second one. Positive. And the third one got pulled out. Positive. Now, I was crying. Sobbing. I spread them on the floor. I took a picture and sent it to Nicole, first. I guess I'm pregnant :(   I sent the same picture to Eric. We're over...    I threw two away and put the one that was left in my purse.

        I drove to Eric's house. Mrs. Bednarski answered the door again. "Jessica! I haven't seen you for a while." I couldn't even force a smile. "There's a reason." I dug in my purse and handed her the test. Her jaw dropped. "Not my boy. He couldn't have done that. No way. Nope." She shook her head. I asked her if I could come inside.

        "I handed Eric a condom but he thought it'd be funny not to put it on." She shook her head. "He's 18! You're 16! Im calling your mother, right now!" I reached for her shirt. "Mrs. Bednarski, please. Don't do that. She'll figure out I'm pregnant when I get a bump. Please don't call her." She shook her head again. "I don't want you around Eric." She pulled me by my hair out the door. "Just don't call her, please!" That bitch messed up my hair. That bitch's son messed up my life.

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