Pregnant as a Teen

A fictional story about a young girl, Jessica, who gets pregnant as a teenager.


4. 3 Months Pregnant

        I have to wear baggy clothes to hide my stomach. My closet is full of corsets, skinny jeans, tank tops, belly shirts, tight shirts, and short dresses. My phone started to ring. I dug through my purse to find it.

"Hello?" "Yes. Is this Jessica Jones?" "Yeah, why?" "This is Eric Holt's father." I whispered, "Shit." "Umm... Hi Mr. Bednarski." "What is this about you getting pregnant?" "Oh, just a rumor going around. It's been going on for a while now." "Really? Why are you and Eric not together anymore?" "We couldn't get along, I guess. Well. I have to go. Bye."

        I shut my phone fast and flopped down on my bed, crying. I layed there for about 30 minutes, when my mom knocked on the door. "Jessica? Are you okay?" I ran, quietly to my closet. "Um... Yeah. I'm fine. Im getting dressed, why?" She sighed. "Can I come in?" "Yeah. Of course."

        She walked inside my room when I was in the closet. "Jess, Will you come out here for a second?" I sighed. I was in a leopard tank top and stretchy shorts. My hair was pulled into a bun, with the same lime green head band. I threw on a baggy work shirt my dad used to wear, before he died. Then, I walked out. I sat down, next to her on the bed.

        "What do you need?" She put her hand on my leg. "I got a call from Mr. Bednarski. Tell me about this rumor." I got a little teary eyed. I wiped them of with the sleeve of my father's shirt. "I can't say anything about the rumor... Because..." I stopped. "Because why?" I wiped my eyes again. "Umm.. There is no rumor." I went in to get a hug. She pulled back. "I told you this would happen." "Mom, I really am sorry. Can I get a... a.. an abortion or something?" "No. You're gonna raise this child. You've always wanted one, haven't you? Let this baby be yours. Take care of it. Be a mom. I did it with you. I'm 32 and couldn't be happier with you." She smiled. It made me smile, as well. "Thanks mom. Im gonna go give Eric his jacket. I never gave it to him." "Umm... No you aren't. Keep it." I laughed. "I will." "I'll make an appointment for an ultrasound. Go to Nicole's if you want." I nodded and drove to Nicole's.

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