secrets of underneath

The sharp, cold blade across her fair skin. A smear of blood drips to the floor. Gently expose what's underneath the scars of Pearls life.


1. gentle yet painful

Pearl tears open the packet of blades as she silently sits on her bed, tears silently fall from her eyes. She slashes onto her skin revealing scarlet blood from her leg, the blood emerges quickly as she takes 3 more deep cuts into her skin. A knock at her door and she slides the packet under her pillow and pulls her jeans up over the cuts. She painfully walks over to her black bedroom door and opens it, the hinges squealing as if they are the one in pain. "i brought your supper Pearl. I called but you never came down" Rose, her and her brothers nanny says "your mother wants to see yout in her office when you are finished, don't be long, now."
"Yeah. Sure" Pearl replies gently closing the door and removing her trousers once more. The open cuts covered in fluff from the black denim jeans she was wearing. Probably now full of bacteria and germs, but then, she was set out for pain, damage and perhaps even death.
Pearl walks into her en suite and scrapes the bowl of pasta and cheese sauce down the toilet and flushes. Just the look of the food makes her feel sick. She removes her top and stood looking in the long bathroom mirror in just her bra and knickers, she prods her fat stomach and then gently strokes the scars on her wrist. She pulls out the scales from behind the toilet and steps on them. Over 10 stone. Fat. Ugly. Nobody.
Pearl pulls her black skull shirt back over her head and her black skinny jeans over her huge thighs and tightens her silver studded belt so it digs into her fat stomach. Pearl takes a deep breath and emerges out of her room, carrying a tray with an empty plate on. She then was down he stairs and into the main hall and walks towards her mothers office.
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