Summer Love!!

It is a romance about the love I have for the group One Direction I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it!!!


2. The Meeting!

When we got there I find where we are supposed to sit and we sit until the show starts. We witness the boys warming up and making sure their mics and stuff work so we get to see them shirtless well Niall has a tank top on all the girls that were also there scream , but there were only about four others besides us. They are way back in the nose bleed areas and we are up front. The boys play Little Things to get themselves ready and they say before that, that they are going to bring someone on stage during the actual concert but not right now.So I get up to go to the bathroom and I run into Harry on the way we say hello and I get a picture and a autograph then when I get out he is still sitting there.

"What's wrong Harry," I asked.

"Nothing I just wanted your number," he said in his british accent.

"But you don't know me I could be a pedophile not saying that i am or anything because I'm not," I say in a little giggling voice.

"Okay you don't have to give it to me just asking sorry."

"No you can have it I was just blathering like I always do when I'm nervous."

"What is it then."

I tell him my number then i go on my happy way but i don't tell any of my friends because I don't want to get their hopes up thinking that they might get to meet them.

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