Old or New Love <3

When Mackenzie goes with her best friend,Kylie,to find a dress for a wedding,Kylie's boyfriend is there,who also happens to be Mackenzie's EX.Harry is still in love with Mackenzie and Louis used to be Mackenzie's best friend before he was famous.Will Kylie and Harry last?Will Mackenzie and Harry end up together?Will Louis fall for Mackenzie?Will a huge accident happen that changes everything?Read this fanfic to find out!!!<3


1. Back Home! (Sort of!)

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

Ah,home at last.Well i hope so.My mum is so horrible!She wouldn’t let me text him,or apologize to him!She was being totally out of order.Harry carries me all the way upstairs then plops me onto his bed.“So,are we having a secret relationship?”He asks hoping for me to say yes.“Hmm,do you want one?”I ask.He smiles and I start to notice that he’s blushing.It’s Cute as hell.“I just want you”He says.I smile and pull him in and kiss him.He kisses me passionately for a while before being interrupted by a phone call.I pull out the kiss and tell him to shh as it’s my mum.“Hellooo mum” I say.She sighs before I could say anymore.“Your with Harry aren’t you?I know as Kylie took a picture!If i see you with him again,I will have to keep you on a leash!”She says.My mum,well she’s a strict mum. She used to hit me,which didn’t hurt.I’ve had things said to me worse than being beat.I was used to it.That’s why i started boxing.“I can be with Harry all i want mum,it’s not up to you!”I say.She starts blabbering down the phone to me before Harry grabs my phone.“Um,Mrs.Cowan,i'm currently having sex with your daughter,it’s amazing. She’s perfect by the way.As i was saying,now is not the time to call!Good Bye”He says and hangs up the phone.
“OMFG,HARRY!”I shout and hit him with a pillow.I can’t believe he just said that.Oh my god.Aha.That was hilarious.“Now,come live with me babe.I know your life story.How you used to run away from your feelings.But with me,you don’t need to run away.I love you cutie and i’d do anything to protect you!”He says.“Your such a sweetheart!I wasn’t planning on staying with my mum.Especially not after what you just said.HAHA” I say and burst out laughing.“Awe,even your laugh is cute.Come here!”He says and pulls me into a hug.I’ve missed my Harry hugs.There not as good as Horan hugs,but they’ll do.“Will you stay with your pussy magnet of a boyfriend?”He asks making me laugh.“Your such a joker.I love you and of course I will” I say.There we have it.I'm living with my boyfriend.I'm glad all this flipping chaos is over.I struggle getting changed into my PJ’s so I just go to sleep in my pants and bra.Harry doesn’t matter so it’s cool.
Kylie's P.O.V.
“Meet me.We need to talk”I text to Harry.It’s obvious that Mackenzie is in bed or Harry wouldn’t of replied.
“Fine.No tricks.”He replies.I decide not to reply as he texts me where to meet.We go to the spot and I see Harry. He storms up to me and frowns massively,giving me that glare no one wants to be on the end of.“You did it didn’t you?You rammed that car into the side of my girlfriend,you told her mum I hit her when it was YOU.”He says.I smile and tap his cheek.“Awh Harry,don’t be so naive.I wouldn’t do such a thing to Barbie.Even if I did,she’s only plastic.”I say.He sighs and flicks his luscious curls out of his face.“What do you want then?”He asks annoyed that he’s out at 12 am.“I want revenge,that's what every girl wants.”I say.“Your messed up!”He says and starts to walk off.“Oh really,because i have stuff to prove you hit Mackenzie,rammed into a car and a whole load of other stuff. Babe,i’d listen to my commands.”I say.He turns around really pissed.Just how I want it.“Now,i'm being nice.If you want me to leave your pathetic girlfriend alone,stop tormenting her,you have to kiss me.”I say.He laughs not seeing the downside.“What?Just a little kiss?”He says.I laugh and shake my head.“This,my friend,is the good part. It’s has to be long,romantic,worldwide,and in front of her beautiful brown eyes.Tomorrow.I’ll be there at 11.”I say.
“What?”He says.I leave before he could say anything else.I hop in my car and blow him a kiss.“Bye beautiful” I shout over the roar of my engine then drive off.
Harry’s P.O.V.
I get back home to a quiet house.I run upstairs to see Mackenzie sitting up,angry.“Where have you been?”She asks.I guess i have no choice,I have to tell her.If I don’t,she’ll think I was cheating on her,AGAIN.I sigh and sit on the bed.“I was with Kylie”I say“What,why?”She asks twiddling her thumbs.“She wants me to kiss her.”I mumble. She laughs and lies back down.“You’re not going to do it though”She says smiling.I tickle her toes that are pointing out of her cast and sigh.“I am.”I murmur under my breathe.She sits up instantly.“WHAT?”She says.I laugh and take her hands.“I have to.She said that if I don’t,she’ll hurt you.I don’t want her to hurt you again baby”I say.She smiles and pulls me in for a kiss.“I don’t want you to”She complains.I smile and lay beside her. “I'm going to.I want to KEEP my girlfriend,thanks”I say.She shakes her head and starts to climb out of bed in pain.“Go back to sleep babe,your tired”I say.“No,I wanna talk to that bitch”She says.I pull her back into bed and pin her down.
“I'm doing it.Go to sleep”I say.She sighs angrily.I think it’s cute so I smile.“Babe,it’s nothing.I just have to kiss her passionately worldwide in front of you.”I say.She has that crazy look in her eye and starts to moan loudly. “Noooooo” She says.I smile and turn the light off.“It’s going to happen babe,now sleep” I say.She sighs then cuddles up to me.She soon falls asleep on my chest where as i'm just worrying whats going to happen tomorrow. At 11.

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