Old or New Love <3

When Mackenzie goes with her best friend,Kylie,to find a dress for a wedding,Kylie's boyfriend is there,who also happens to be Mackenzie's EX.Harry is still in love with Mackenzie and Louis used to be Mackenzie's best friend before he was famous.Will Kylie and Harry last?Will Mackenzie and Harry end up together?Will Louis fall for Mackenzie?Will a huge accident happen that changes everything?Read this fanfic to find out!!!<3


4. An Interview

Mackenzie's P.O.V.
He smiles as i go to clamber off him. ”Noo,where you going?” He asks. I smile and give him that ‘personal’ look and he totally understands.I go to the bathroom,yeah ... do this,do that,then come back out to Harry on the sofa with a blanket,popcorn and a hot water bottle.“Thats like the 5th hot water bottle today” I say.He smiles and shakes the bottle,making the water jiggle around in it.“I never said it was for you” He says.“I never said i wanted it” I say.He laughs and pats beside him.“Right,cosy night in,sounds good?”He asks.I smile and kiss his lips.“Sounds perfect” I reply.He pulls my head towards him to make it rest on his chest and places the hot water bottle down my top,onto my stomach.He put it down my top on purpose,that cheeky fella.He plays with my hair,plating it,styling it,tying it up, adding volume to it and brushing it.He then runs his fingers through my hair whilst he hums to himself.“Enjoying yourself Harry?” I ask.He smiles and nods his head cutely.“Indeed I am” He says.Half way through the film Harry gets a phone call from Paul.It's around 6pm now and it’s an interview.He couldn’t say no,so just asked me to come.“Sure, i’d love to!” I say.I get dressed,out of my boring clothes and then head off to the interview.I recognized the place as we drove up and saw a familiar face.“Joe?” I ask getting out of the car.He smiles and calls my name out before pulling me into one of his hugs.“Awh,missed you like crazy,and Harry!Hello mate!” He says and gives Harry some respect, or whatever.I dunno what it is.“Sorry Mackenzie,who’s that?” Harry whispers to me.“He's my ex,ex,ex!I think!”I say. Joe turns around and smiles.“Yeah,we dated” He adds before me and Harry notice the guys.“Oh,um,cool,well i’ll be back soon love” Harry says and kisses my lips.I think that Harry only kissed my lips there because he was a tad jealous.Me and Joe hang out and he shows me around the place.I was interviewed here after I won a championship for boxing and that's how I met him.He gets a bit to close to me,and tells me he misses me,which makes me smile.I cant help but feel Harry’s glare on me so I free myself from Joe’s clasp.“I miss you too Joe,but i'm mega happy with Harry” I say. He sighs and moves to kiss me.“JOE!!!!” I say loudly and push him off me.He places his hand on my cheek and smiles."C'mon,you know i'm better then Harry" He says.I sigh and shake my head."You were,but now your not,now please leave me alone" I say. He smiles and takes me off somewhere without a choice.I turn around to see Harry giving me that upsetting glare.I hope he doesn't take this the wrong way.

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