Old or New Love <3

When Mackenzie goes with her best friend,Kylie,to find a dress for a wedding,Kylie's boyfriend is there,who also happens to be Mackenzie's EX.Harry is still in love with Mackenzie and Louis used to be Mackenzie's best friend before he was famous.Will Kylie and Harry last?Will Mackenzie and Harry end up together?Will Louis fall for Mackenzie?Will a huge accident happen that changes everything?Read this fanfic to find out!!!<3


3. A Strange Call


Mackenzie's P.O.V. *The next day* Finally,my leg will be able to breath.I'm finally going to be out of that stinky,sweaty cast that was annoying my leg.My leg healed quicker,which was good.Oh,what happened with me and Harry.I’ll tell you that.In the morning,He came down and laid with me.It was adorable.It was quite stressful because i’d also started my period that day.He was caring for me then too.He said he was sorry and that he only kissed fugly Kylie because he didn’t want me to be hurt anymore.How cute?  “Right,do you want a hot water bottle?”He asks.I smile and nod my head. “Yeah please”I say.He kisses my lips and walks into the kitchen.I get a phone call from my mum and answer it. “Hello.”I say glumly.She sounds happy and cheerful. For once. “Hey beautiful,you finally did what i asked.Dumped that son of a bitch.After him cheating on you with Kylie you did the right thing.Where are you living now?”She asks me.WHAT?I'm so confused.Harry walks in smiling and I tell him to shh. “Um,me and Harry didn’t break up.He didn’t cheat on me.I'm still living with him.What are you talking about him cheating on me?”I ask all at once.She sighs and I can picture her shaking her head with shame.I put it on loud speaker so Harry can hear.He hands me the water bottle then kisses my lips. “He’s not good for you.He made you dump Kyle for him,then a couple of days later he was videoed snogging Kylie.He’s a player and Kyle is still available.”She says. “Mum, that's what you think.Or what Kylie told you.But that's not the whole story!You haven’t been there.Kylie is playing with your head and I don’t love Kyle,I never had.I barely know him.”I say.She doesn’t believe me for a second.She thinks i'm stupid. “Haha,that's not a nice thing to say about your step brother.”My mum says. “Its not a nice thing to say about my WHAT?!”I say.Me and Harry give this mad glare to each other before laughing. “Haha,what are you talking about?I don’t have a brother!”I say. “Awe babe,that's where your wrong.You have two brothers.You just haven’t met them yet”She says.I sit there,in pain and totally gobsmacked.  “What? Well,what are their names?I wanna meet them!”I say. “No no no no no no no,you cant meet them.They don’t want to meet the sister that abandoned them for bloody Harry Styles.”She says.I hear Kylie laugh in the background and tell someone she loves them. “Why is Kylie there?”I ask.My mum laughs and so does Kylie. “She’s in love with my son,what do you think she’s doing?”My mum says. “You know what mum,I seriously hate you” I say and put down the phone.I'm in a mood,and having her annoying me is seriously not helping.Harry kisses my cheek and massages my stomach while I eat some ice cream he brought from kitchen.Bless. “Are you okay sweetie?”He asks. I smile and nod my head. “Yeah ...”I moan.He smiles and carries on massaging my stomach. “You do know,you don’t have to do that”I say to him.He smiles and kisses my sticky ice cream lips. “I want to.Your in pain”He says and carries on. He’s so sweet.I soon fall asleep and wake up with a cover around me on the sofa.Harry’s in the kitchen,cooking something that smells amazing.I pop to the toilet then walk into the kitchen with the blanket wrapped around me. “Hey.What are you cooking?”I ask.He turns around a bit shocked and smiles. “Hello,and just some pasta.Is it alright if the guys come around?”He asks.I nod my head and hug him.He kisses my neck and starts to tickle me. “Hehe,Harry,stop it” I say laughing.He shakes his head and carries on tickling me until I fall to the floor in tears of laughter. “I'm going to sleep. I feel BLAH”I say.He kisses my lips and gives me another hot water bottle. “Alright beautiful,i’ll come up and check on you” He says.I smile then plod upstairs to sleep more. Harry's P.O.V.

“Hey guys,come in” I say and let the boys in.They automatically ask where Mackenzie is and I just say she’s upstairs.“Right,Paul said we had this tour were going on in a month,remember Harry?”Liam says to me.“Oh,um, yeah”I say.“Well,Paul said we can bring our girlfriends,invite Mackenzie!”Liam adds.I thought it was just a holiday he organised,not a tour.I don’t even know where,and I cant really say I don’t want to go because the band wouldn’t like it and neither would Mackenzie or Paul.“Yeah,um,where is it?And I thought it was just a holiday”I say. I serve some pasta to the boys,but knowing Niall,I give him extras.“It was just a holiday,but Paul signed some papers and were doing 7 concerts,two concerts every week so we’ll be there for 3-4 weeks”Niall says scoffing down his pasta.“Oh Alright,i’ll talk to her” I say.We finish our food and as I promised,I went and checked on Mackenzie.She was sleeping,it's freaking adorable.I sit beside her as she clutches onto the water bottle not wanting to let it go.I tap her nose and call her name 5 times before she’s wide awake.“Uhh,what?”She moans.I know she’s moody cause it’s her time of the month,so i'm not going to complain.“Come downstairs and eat and see the guys!We got some news”I say.She groans and shuffles out of the bed.She looks too tired to walk so I carry her downstairs to the guys.“Woah,whats wrong with her?”Zayn asks. “No offence,but you’re not looking your best”He adds.I look at him and she gets onto her feet.“Yeah,well that's not what a girl wants to hear Zayn,and you don’t always look your best.”She says.Zayn gasps dramatically as Mackenzie walks into the kitchen.“Its um,her time,so cut her some slack guys”I say before chasing after her.She’s sitting at the table with her face on the table. I feel sorry for her.I mean,us guys are just lucky we don’t have to go through this.I massage her shoulders and sing the song me and Mackenzie danced to at the school dance.That night was amazing.The way she looked,the way she talked.That was the day I asked her out.That was the best day of my life.Anyway,she starts to mumble along and then stands up.“I love you baby”I say to her making her face light up.“Well I love you too”She says.We walk into the sitting room where the guys are and she apologizes to Zayn for the comment on his looks earlier.
“Awe babe,it’s fine,I know i'm gorgeous”Zayn says.I laugh and shake my head.“So...have you asked her?”Liam asks.Oh yeah,I almost forgot!“Um,so were going on tour,will you be a babe and come with?”I ask.She smiles and hugs me.“Depends when gorgeous”She says in my ear.“Guys...guys.This is kinda awkward for us as she’s on top of you and –““—yeah yeah Louis,shut up”She says.I give her a kiss for telling him to shut up. “Oh...fine.”He says and walks into the kitchen.“It doesn’t matter what day,your coming”I say.She smiles and as Louis says she's on top of me.Well, on my lap.“What makes you so certain?”She asks moving closer to my lips.“Okay guys,we're going,this is awkward,tell me if she’s coming so i can inform the girls!”Zayn says and takes the boys out.Even Louis from the kitchen.“Well,I spoke to your boss,and she said it’s cool and –“before I could finish she was pleasuring me with her lovely lips against mine.I swear every time we kiss it’s like a firework went off.Loads of sparks fly.Whats also cute is she bites my lip,which is so attractive to me.“I guess i'm coming then”She says smiling at me.And her smile is pure perfection.She makes me happy,really happy.She wraps her arms around my neck so I automatically put my arms around her waist,pulling her body super close to mine.Practically touching. She gives me that hot look making me melt inside.Butterflies,I hate those things.I cant get them off my brain and they keep making me nervous around her.I mean,i’ve never felt this way before about anyone before.

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