Old or New Love <3

When Mackenzie goes with her best friend,Kylie,to find a dress for a wedding,Kylie's boyfriend is there,who also happens to be Mackenzie's EX.Harry is still in love with Mackenzie and Louis used to be Mackenzie's best friend before he was famous.Will Kylie and Harry last?Will Mackenzie and Harry end up together?Will Louis fall for Mackenzie?Will a huge accident happen that changes everything?Read this fanfic to find out!!!<3


2. A Sad Kiss! :(

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

I wake up by Harry shaking me.I rub my eyes as i'm tired and look into his eyes.“She’s coming in half an hour”He says already dressed.I sigh and get up off the bed.I get dressed without Harry’s help as i'm a bit mad at him for doing this.I comb my hair and get ready to meet my enemy.Me and Harry and the guys are downstairs when the doorbell goes off.Liam’s already on twitter,doing a twitcam as Kylie wants it to be worldwide.It’s not going to affect mine and Harry’s relationship.I know it won’t.Harry answers the door to Kylie smiling.“Ugh,lets just get this over with”Harry says looking at her with a plain glare.He was annoyed.I could tell he didn’t want to do it.He was doing it for me.“Well,Harry wants to show you guys something”Liam says and shows Harry and Kylie together.I sigh and lean against the wall as Kylie smiles at me.What a bitch!“Meet,Kylie” He says.She whispers in his ear and smiles to the fans.“The girl of my dreams.Who gives a Fuck about Mackenzie,I love Kylie.”Harry moans before being pulled in to a kiss.I watch as he adds his tongue and she adds her tongue,EUGH.I couldn’t watch anymore. He actually looked like he enjoyed it and I was watching it.I couldn’t stand it.Blah,blah,blah.It was disgusting.I walked up the stairs and turned around to see them STILL kissing.He was so enjoying it.I could see him smiling.I some how get up the stairs and sit on the bed until finally Harry walks up.I don’t talk to him.I don’t want to.It was just how we broke up last time.Apart from I didn’t know the kiss was going to happen.“Glad thats over” He says.I don’t reply and just lay on the bed,facing away from him.“What's up?”He asks.WHAT'S UP?!What kind of question is that?I sigh and wiggle my toes and fingers.He takes my hand and kisses it but I ignore it.“Don’t tell me your angry at me”He says.I look at him.His innocent face and stick my tongue out at him.“What was that?” He asks.I don’t reply,I just carry on sticking out my tongue.He turns my face and goes to kiss me when I push him off me.I don’t want to kiss someone who’s had mouth to mouth contact with KYLIE.“I'm not kissing you.” I say.“Why not?”He asks.I start to laugh a little,with a sarcastic look on my face.“I'm sorry,you kissed Kylie, enjoyed it and have the guts to want to KISS me?”I say raising my voice.He looks at me really confused,like he doesn’t know what's going on.“I didn’t enjoy it!What are you talking about?”He says.“You did harry.I saw the way you smiled.It hurt me”I say almost in tears.“No baby,you can't possibly think that ment something!”He says.“Well I did.You like Kylie,I get it.”I say and hobble out the room.“Noo!” He says but I didn’t listen and walk downstairs.

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