Don't Judge The Way I Live...

Some times my friends say that is really hard to understand the way I react... Some times I don't understand why some girls dress up like little sluts just to impress a guy? C'mon your beautiful the way you are, you don't need to change anything.... And I don't need to tell this to any one that likes to be NORMAL and DON'T dress up like a LITTLE PROSTITUTE, well I should tell this to my brothers girlfriend, My brothers name is Harry, yes the famous Harry Styles from One Direction... I really don't give a FUCK if he is from One Direction... A lot of Directioners like me, the rest they like to judge the way i dress, the way i talk and the way a treat Harry and his girlfriend Taylor Swift.... I hate her, she has dated 13 guys for the past 2 years.... And they call me Miley a slut? Oh well I can't talk anymore because my BIG BROTHER IS HAVING LUNCH WITH ME AT NANDO's!!!!!!


1. Unexpected Accident

I was ending a conversation on the phone with a friend when I hear Harry calling me...
"Hurry up honey we need to go to Nando's!!" - Harry said with a smile on this face at my bedroom door.
"Let me get dressed and I'll go downstairs wait for me." - I said looking at my closet.
"Okay..." - Harry said going down the stairs.
I picked something from my closet:
Harry was driving, I was in the back sit listening to music and texting my friend when I see a bright lightin front of me... Is it... Am I... Am I dead? I look beside me I see... Lua? Lua was my dog that DIED... I am dead we can see that I am dead.... Harry crashed the car and I died.
*In Earth*
" No don't leave me! Darcy (My name) don't leave me!!!" Harry said crying in the hospital.
"Dude, Harry it's okay she is not dead." Said Louis crying too.
*Whatever I am*
*In Earth*
"Look at that machine that shows her heart if its beating or not." He cried. "What does a flat line means?"
"I am soo sorry Harry, she's gone..." Said Zayn crying like there was no tomorrow.
Everyone walked out except Niall and Liam, my 2 best friends.
"Liam, this can't be happening!!! No Darcy, come back..." Niall said crying.
Liam went outside with Danielle.
"I Loved You And I Will Always Love You Darcy!" Niall said, then he kissed me.
He give me the sweetest kiss ever. Niall looks at me and as he touched my hair I went back to life.
"DARCY! OH MY GOD Darcy I thought you died!" Niall said hugging me.
"Me too Niall, me too..." 
Niall goes outside and calls everyone.
" DARCY HONEY I THOUGHT I LOST YOU, MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD!" Harry said while kissing my forehead.
"I love you too Harry" I said hugging him.
Niall called the doctor.
"Hmmm so for what you said Mr. Horan you kissed her and she just comes back from the dead? Wow that is very weird..."- the doctor said.
"Wait you kissed her?"  Harry said looking at me.
"Yes Harry he kissed me." I said.
"Explanation please..." Harry said

" Okay me and Niall are dating for a long time but you never knew, no one knew!" I said.
" Yes we were dating for a long time but I was scared of what people would say about my beautiful princess." Niall said

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