Don't Judge The Way I Live...

Some times my friends say that is really hard to understand the way I react... Some times I don't understand why some girls dress up like little sluts just to impress a guy? C'mon your beautiful the way you are, you don't need to change anything.... And I don't need to tell this to any one that likes to be NORMAL and DON'T dress up like a LITTLE PROSTITUTE, well I should tell this to my brothers girlfriend, My brothers name is Harry, yes the famous Harry Styles from One Direction... I really don't give a FUCK if he is from One Direction... A lot of Directioners like me, the rest they like to judge the way i dress, the way i talk and the way a treat Harry and his girlfriend Taylor Swift.... I hate her, she has dated 13 guys for the past 2 years.... And they call me Miley a slut? Oh well I can't talk anymore because my BIG BROTHER IS HAVING LUNCH WITH ME AT NANDO's!!!!!!


3. *Authors Note*

Hi guys! I hope you all like my story. On the next 2 chapters something that you thought would never happen, will happen, And there will be 2 more characters; Chelsea and Nicole. 

Kiss Kiss ...


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