One Direction Imagines

Well, this is my second book. This is all about 1D imagines. BUT they are all gonna be about real people, so if you want one comment your hair color, personality,eye color and boy.


5. Saoirse&Louis

It was a nice wintery day in Doncaster. This is the first time Saoirse will meet Louis family. She was exited yet very nervous. What if they don't like her? What if she looks stupid in front of them. It wasn't just his mother, there were his four beautiful sisters too. That day she wore black skinny jeans, black TOMS, a huge white sweater and a beige scarf. They were in the car.
"Louis babe um what if your mum dosn't like me?"
"Are you kidding me? They will love you". He said with a cute grin.
The car ride felt like it took forever. They finally git there and Louis got up and opened the car door for Saoirse. "How are you feeling?" Louis asked. "Um I don't know, nervous exited she said." Louis knocked on the door and his mother answered it.
"Louis!" She hugged him because she hasn't seen him for a while.
"Hello mum how are you?"
"Oh Boo Bear I'm great. And who is this beautiful woman standing next to you." She said.
"Hello Mrs. Darling it's a pleasure meeting you" Saoirse said with a smile.
"Oh such a polite you lady but please call me Johannah." She said.
"Please come in everyone wants to meet you!" Johannah said. Louis let you in first like a gentlemen and took you to the living room.
"Hello everyone this is my beautiful girlfriend Saoirse" louis pronounced in front of everyone. Saoirse could see his sisters Charlotte, Felicite, Daisy, Phoebe and Georgia. They were all very sweet.
"So Saoirse tell us about yourself." Johannah said.
"Well um I am 20 years old, I am the only child and I meet Louis at a concert" she said. Louis looked at you and placed a small kiss on you r cheek and everyone said aw.

20 Minutes Later....

"So Saoirse I want to show you something" Johannah said.
"Oh okay" she said. She saw Louis talking to his old friends and flashed her a smile.
"So these are some of Lou's baby pictures, he was so cute and outgoing" Johannah said.
"Aw he looks so adorable." Saoirse says laughing.
"Hey babe where are you" Louis said.
"Oh mum why are you showing my baby pictures" Louis says whining.
" Oh c'mon Lou you were a adorable child" She says.
"True I was a very sexy child" Louis says. They all laughed.
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