One Direction Imagines

Well, this is my second book. This is all about 1D imagines. BUT they are all gonna be about real people, so if you want one comment your hair color, personality,eye color and boy.


7. Leah&Niall

Leah was dancing around the house listening to the radio, while she was cleaning the house. The song on was Clarity by Zedd ft. Foxes (A/N: Which is my FAVORITE SONG). Niall was on his new 2014 Where We Are  with his four best friends. Who she was all close with. They have been together for a year and 3 months. Niall and Leah have a dog, a 2 month old German Shepard the named Mr. Maguffal (A/N: I know it's weird. I'm not really creative). Leah missed Niall a lot. They Facetimed a few times cause Leah doesn't have a Skype. Leah finished cleaning and she went to go have some lunch when on the radio Little Things came on. She remembered a couple years ago when she was in her bedroom on her laptop watching everyone of there videos, reading all of there tweets and finally she was able to go to a meet and greet and Niall fell in love with her. She started to cry because she missed him so much. Suddenly someone put there hand over her eyes and grabbed her by the waist. 

"Let me go! I will rip your head off!!!" She screamed. It was dark in the room.The unknown person threw her on her bed she shared with Niall and the person got on top of her and kissed her. 

"Wait! Niall?" She asked.

"Yes It's me, My Little Princess" he said.

"I've missed you so much" She said.

" I know lets go get some lunch" He said.

"Okay" She was already eating, but she didn't care he was here with her.

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