One Direction Imagines

Well, this is my second book. This is all about 1D imagines. BUT they are all gonna be about real people, so if you want one comment your hair color, personality,eye color and boy.


8. Emily&Zayn

Emily was on tour with the boys and they were in America. She was in one of the rows talking to Eleanor. She is really sweet and kind. Emily didn't understand why people hated her so much. She truly loves Louis and he loves her. Emily could tell Zayn was looking at her the whole time. A few fans came up to them and asked for pictures with they were happy to take. Two fans were talking and pointing to them. Emily started to get worried. 

"Don't worry about them. They are probably Larry shippers." Eleanor said.

"Are you sure?" Emily asked.

"Of course everyone in the fandom loves you." She said giggling.

"Wow really?" Emily asked again.

"Yeah!" She explained.

Both of the girls went backstage to find the boys. 

"There you are babe!" Louis said peaking El on the lips.

"Hey did you like the concert?" Zayn asked Emily while hugging her. 

"Of course babe!" She said.

The concert finished and the boys went to sign autographs and take pictures. They all finally went home and everyone did there own thing. Zayn and Emily changed to there pajamas and went to cuddle up in there bedroom. 

"Are you tired" Emily asked. 

"Yeah a little bit" Zayn said.

"You can sleep ya know" She said.

"I know but I rather be holding you close to me and talking to you than sleep" he said . Emily started to blush. 

"I know your blushing" He said smiling. He went on his forearms on top of Emily and gave her a sweet passionate kiss. 

"I love you Zayn" 

"I love you more Emily"

After that they feel asleep in each others arms never letting go.






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