One Direction Imagines

Well, this is my second book. This is all about 1D imagines. BUT they are all gonna be about real people, so if you want one comment your hair color, personality,eye color and boy.


6. Emilie&Niall

Emilie was with her best friend at a One Direction concert. They both went to the same university and moved in with each other.  They won front row seats at the TMH tour and back stage passes after the concert. They boys were preforming They Don't Know About Us. Which was her favorite song. Every time Niall would have a solo he would look at Emilie. Eventually the concert ended and Emilie was escorted by Paul to go backstage to meet they boys. She was so exited. She turned around and Harry was right there. 
"Hello love what you name?" He said
"I'm Emilie and this is Sarah " She said. All the other boys came around from the corner and were all exited to meet there fan. 
"How are you girls? Did you like the concert" Liam asked. 
"Yes it was a incredible I'm so glad we won those tickets" Emilie said. 
"Yeah me too" Niall said looking at you and you blushed. "Aww looks like Nialler has a crush!" Louis said. 
"Do you guy want to go to our dressing room to hang out?" Harry said, "Of course!" Sarah said. You guys got there and just hung out. "Lets play truth or dare!" Louis suggested. Every one agreed and Emilie sat inbetween Sarah and Liam. Niall was a cross her looking at her with loving eyes. 
"So, Harry I dare you to go in the hall and run around naked!" Zayn said. 
"Not a problem!" Harry striped off and Liam covering Sarah's and Emilie's eyes. You all laughed because he actually did it! 
"Okay Liam Truth or Dare?" Louis asked "Um Truth" he replied. Everyone booed at him except Louis. "Oh it's okay children this is going to be good! When was the last time you and Danielle had sex!" Louis asked. Everyone was dying of laughter while Liam was blushing really hard. 
"Okay the last time was um I think three weeks ago." Everyone was teasing him about it. 
"Okay Niall truth or dare?"Harry asked 
"Dare! Cause I'm a tough boy!" 
"Okay I dare you to make out with Emilie for 5 minutes in the closet over there!" Harry said. 
"Okay let go Emilie!" He quickly got up and grabbed her hand. You in the closet and Harry said GO!
"Do you want to?" Niall asked nicely. 
"Okay" Emilie gave him a cheeky grin. Niall walked closer to you and kissed you soft and passionately. Than  it got really rough. Emilie was running her finger through his soft hair and he had his hands all over her body. Emilie wrapped her legs around his torso. He had his hands in your shirt. You could feel him getting hard. Than all the sudden HARRY opened the door wide open so everyone could see. You gasped and he put you down. 
"Done!" Harry said. You two walked out awkwardly sitting next to your friends.

15 minutes later

"Hey Em we have to go, we have school tomorrow" Sarah said.
"Oh yeah, bye guys we have to go" Emilie said.
"Wait all escort you!" Niall said.  You go to your car and Niall hugged you. He gave her his number. 
"Hey I'll see you tomorrow at you after school tomorrow okay?" He said. 
"Um alright you gave him a kiss on the cheek. She got in the car and said "Oh gosh what just happened?" 
"Well my friend it looks like THE Niall Horan might just be your boyfriend!" Sarah said. 
Emilie replayed the whole night in her head knowing this is the best night of her life

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