Secret Admirer

Kyla and her band mates are joining the X factor it's just they all run into a heap of trouble with 5 adorable boys. They find out that their love stories were hard to forget and that one was a total fake.... Can these girl trust these boys???


1. Wake up sleepy head..

~Kira's POV~
I woke up five hours after I had been skating with Ben. I had a hard time sleeping since we had our first signing tomorrow.
Ben had slept over because he wanted to be there and he was our managers son.
"Ben!" I scream as I get up from the couch and I slip in a puddle of blood as I think.
"Yea?" He asks peeking out from the bathroom.
"Why is there blood on the ground?" I ask.
"Oh, yea well Emma's dog, Skittles but me." He says showing me the wound.
I gasped, it was so hideous.
"Ooh speaking of an Emma I need to text Emma F." I say starting to make a new text.
"So Emma C's dog bit you?" Kyla asks coming down the stairs.
"Yea." Ben replies.
Everyone starts emerging from their deep sleeps.
"Aw, Nick texted me. He's so sweet." Morgan says showing Kyla the text.
Kyla smiles and looks at her phone.
"Hunter also texted me." She says being concerned.
She tapped away on her iPhone to see what was wrong with him.
"Erik texted me, but I think he still hates me." Emma says.
"Why are all these boys texting us?" I ask looking up from my phone.
"I don't know." Mallory says.
We all try sitting on a two seated couch, but we failed.
Kyla falls off.
"No!!" I scream.
She laughs.
"We should play that thing where we have teams and we jump from couch to couch avoiding the lava, as in the floor." Emma says.
We all nod.
"I choose Kyla and Ben." I say.
We start playing and Morgan and Ben were the first that had died.
My team lost but it was fun and childish.
"C'mon girls get ready!" Ben's dad says (our manager).
We all run towards the limo we have received.

~Kyla's POV~
We all get in the limo and we all sit there quietly shaking.
We all get out of the limo and run in the building and sit in our seats. Bens dad gave us each markers.
The fans started piling in one by one screaming.
A tall boy with blonde and brown hair and sunglasses gave me a cd to sign.
"What's your name?" I ask looking at the cd.
"Niall, Niall Horan." He hesitates.
I chuckle.
"Your real name, there is no way Niall Horan would come to our signing." I say looking up.
He took off the sunglasses.
It was Niall Horan, I started crying. I loved him so much.
"Oh my I'm so sorry." I say starting to sign the cd, then I pass it to Kira.
Then a young girl that could barely see over the table came up to me.
"Hi my name is Feona, can you please sign this?" She asks.
"I sure can Feona." I say signing the CD, then I pass it to Kira.
Then Hunter was next.
"Hunter!" I gasped.
I got up from my chair and hugged him.
"I missed you so much." He says.
"Me too." I say gesturing him to come behind the table.
He stood behind me as I signed the rest of the things.

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