My poems

A collection of poems I've written - all different, possible similar themes.


2. Today

Today, Rossetti, Hunt and Millais

Bore down on me

Blocking perspectives, as if

They were Frost’s pane of ice

And I – I was subjected to compile

With Jon Richardson’s comedic vile

Not that I did not laugh, but who can’t shed a tear

At life, society and fear?

So portrayed through all their mediums

From canvas to standing up

Delivered – was a message

That plagued my waking hours

Thoughts on life, death, space, Earth and family around

Blocked out views in front of me and all of London’s sound

Until I was left as isolated as when Ophelia did drown

Thus my thoughts – thorns upon The Saviour’s crown

As if some great burden had sunk down on me

To run aground

But in London – you can’t not think

Of what appears behind the walls

So much grandness, vastness and haste

That I never visit, I just waste

It all – all this history, that I love

A majesty in simplicity like ‘the returning of the Dove’

Yet, the thorns rip deeper to smirk once more:

About the mysteries, I can’t solve

Dreams I can’t achieve nor dissolve

In all to ponder another day –

So I’ll find the will, yes, I’ll find a way!


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