My poems

A collection of poems I've written - all different, possible similar themes.


7. Thinking In Sleep

My eyes stream water

Without me being able to prevent

The closing of eyes

After all my hours spent


Reading – Frost and Faulks

With all their literary devotion

Heavy, with gun loaded

Sleep tried to stop my motion


Of studying and it made me frustrated

That nature still controls me

As if I am bare bated

Why can’t we live freely?


But sleep always catches up

In the end,

No matter how much waking time

You spend


You are numbered, branded

To compel always

To nature’s calls

Alike – royalty and strays


Why so cruel is nature?

How I would love to break free

From an aging, demanding curse

Called my body


My soul is where I find I live

But I am stuck in a shell

That makes you breath

Eat, drink and smell


One reflex and control

To another, Society

Where we all live next to inequality

All manner of King or flea


Do not escape expectation’s claws

As it kills

All creativity, liberal thinking

Through institutions and parliamentary bills


I want to be somewhere

Failure can’t reach out

To grab me

To scream and shout


Where peace can be achieved

Without the need

For limitations       

Leaving time, no time to bleed


I am chained,

Bound with shocks

In body and mind, as media

Documents the world’s, life’s clocks


I am not complaining

Really, how could I?

When there are people in other countries

Simply, born to die


But yet how I’d long to see the world

From a bird’s eye view

When nature dances and strides

To free and compliment you


Never, would I have to worry

About how I would live

Make my mark

Life’s meaning give


To waste it all

With fortune or fame

In interviews, limousines and hotel suites

Would be a profitable but dangerous game


For now, the atmosphere dies down

To where my bed and laptop are found

To keep me company with David Bowie

With his 70’s God like sound


I can only keep trying

To break away

Not letting sleep

Dictate my day


I won’t let nature

Hold me down

When I could be

The next 80’s clown


I’ll try my best

To just get by


No need to cry


To dream and laugh

About times ahead

Cross legged and dazed

Sitting on my bed


Until I no longer

Have a chance to dream

I’ll bend this life

From heights of skies to silver screen

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