My poems

A collection of poems I've written - all different, possible similar themes.


4. I will make you happy

You beat me down

With your iron fists

I curl and twist

I will make you happy

No matter how cruel you become

You are the world, you are my sun


It takes a while to recover myself

You take the life out of me

After your kiss, you flea

Wound up into a frenzy

I see your eyes grow wide

I’ll get swept away by the incoming tide


The company I keep isn’t good for me

But I’ll come back

I can’t escape your track

You always catch up with me

Something within you makes me sour

But I like it when you hold the power


The whole earth seizes me

You calm me down in times of need

You know how life makes me bleed

I know I can save your soul

I can make you understand

I will make you happy


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