My poems

A collection of poems I've written - all different, possible similar themes.


6. A Prime Minister

I can rule the world,

I have wit and intelligence

I have beauty

I have personality


I can rule the world,

I am a born leader

You look up to me

I will lead you to victory


I am full of ideas

Changing life for the better

That can bring liberty, freedom and peace

Making all conflict die and cease


I am not in love with you

Though, you kiss and shower me

With presents and attentions

But you will feel my heart’s detentions


You capture me in dark shadows

Does your camera lie?

Do your eyes deceive?

The picture you’ve come to receive


Images developing under red lights

Person unravelling in the sunlight

If our world is lies

Should I keep spies?


You thought I could rule the world

How foolish

I thought I could too

But now, you know facts true


I have broken, bended, stooped

To make a world false to you

You couldn’t know what was behind

You had to be deaf and blind


The people - to know what I have done

All the personas I have become

All these acts cannot be undone

However, I have nowhere to run


I will not apologise for my mistakes

I tried to do right

But I am only a human being

You are only judging and seeing


All that can bring me down,

Without looking beyond the crimes

Because it is easier to convict

Than conformation contradict


You made me what I am,

All you deem as wrong

Is really in you

You are in me and all that I do


I only broke the reflection in the mirror

I have always been this way underneath

The world will never change

No matter of the support range


I wanted for you to believe

The illusion I made seem real

I tried to protect from the cruelty

But you’ve let my monster free


So, let me tell you

What you believed in all along

You once said it too

All these faces looking up to me, all now staring to you


I can rule the world,

I break and push citizens until

They curl and twist

I have an iron fist


I will rule the world now

I will be the leader you wanted

No matter what it takes

Until time stops,

Until floods pour,

Until this whole Earth breaks.

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