Can you be my fake boyfriend???

Nikki Cruz life is perfect right now. She has everything she has ever wanted and she is dateing the school most hot bad boy. she couldn't be more happier. Untill nikki mom and dad found out who her boyfriend was and no way in hell is her mom and dad gonna let her date him. So she is gonna ask Harry styles to be her fake boyfriend so she can go and sneak around with Carlos, But is harry just gonna be the fake boyfriend? Is Nikki and harry gonna fall for each other?


2. The new boy

We were walking to class but then I remember I left my books in my locker. I told them I will meet them in class and then I went to my locker. When I was walking back there was this cute curly hair guy just standing in next to the boys bathroom he look like a lost puppy. When I walked past him I heard him say "Hey! I'm Harry Styles."

"Hi, Harry Styles I got to go to class so bye" I said as nicely as I can

"I'm new here and I am lost right now"

"Than you should go to the office and they'll help you"

"Can you take me there I don't know where its at"

"Umm.." I should take him to the office he seems so lost and by the way he talks I can tell he aint from here.

"yeah, I'll show you but first I have to go to class and tell my teacher that I am gonna take you."

"Thank you very much" harry said with a cute smile.

I just smiled and went to my class, when I walked in people were laughing , and talking about what had happened in lunch today when they saw me they all got quite expect for Melissa she just kept on laughing when she saw me. I just went to my teacher Mr. Bay and told him that I am gonna take the new kid to the office so he can get everything he needs, he said that it was fine and gave me a pass. When I walked out I saw Harry looking all around the school as if he had never seen a school before in his life.

'So Harry, where you from?" I asked


"Are England schools different from here?"

" Kinda they just look different from the inside"

" How come you came over here?" 

" My mum. and her friends wanted to come here "

" oh so your not the only who came here then."

"nope my mum's friends have sons there my friends they are gonna come to this school too but today Zayn and Louis are still helping packing and Naill and Liam forgot that today we had school they'll be here on Friday."

"that's cool that you have friends that are gonna come here with you."

"yeah, um I never asked for your name." harry said with a little laugh

" Oh! um my name is Nikki Cruz"

"Nikki Cruz? so your Mexican?"

"yup. well heres the office, come on."

when we walked in I went to Mrs. Amy and told her that the new kid is here and she smiled and said "Okay, well you two can take a seat and Mr. Cantwell well be with you in a little bit."  

"so nikki, hows your day been?" Harry said as he sat down next to me

"um well not a good day for me" 

"Oh, well i'm sorry "

"its cool, its just something that happened in lunch today I scream at my friend nothing bad I just said that I didn't like this one guy and everyone heard even Carlos."

"do you like him?" harry asked with a concern look on his face

" I don't know"

"oh,"  now this is a bit weird now

"Harry do you like pizza and ice cream?" i asked him

"yeah, why"

"would you like to go to this one pizza place i know and this ice cream shop that is so good"

"with you?"

"um yeah i could ask my friends to come along"

"no its find it can just be you and me. when?"

"i don't have plans on Friday night."

"that's find should i pick you up?"

"well you can drop me off at my house after school Friday so you'll know where to go "  

"so is this a umm date?"

"sure if you want it to be i just want to show you around town since your new here."

"okay that's cool." he said with a smile then Mr. Cantwell came and asked me to wait for harry that he just wants to talk to him for a bit. when they came out Mr. Cantwell ask me if i would like to show harry and his friends around school for a week i said that was fine and then me and harry went off to his locker he has 4 classes with me and his locker is just right across from mine.

i am in 6th period and theres a 2mins before the bell rings and i get to go home.

right when the bell rang i  got up and left went to my locker and got my stuff i was about to leave but then i felt someone taping my shoulder i turned to see who it was and it was Carlos. Great.

[i hope you guys like it so far i will write chapter 3 later on today byeee! :) ] 

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