Can you be my fake boyfriend???

Nikki Cruz life is perfect right now. She has everything she has ever wanted and she is dateing the school most hot bad boy. she couldn't be more happier. Untill nikki mom and dad found out who her boyfriend was and no way in hell is her mom and dad gonna let her date him. So she is gonna ask Harry styles to be her fake boyfriend so she can go and sneak around with Carlos, But is harry just gonna be the fake boyfriend? Is Nikki and harry gonna fall for each other?


4. texting

When Carlos drop off at home my mom and dad were mad because I didn't tell them I was going somewhere after school. When they asked who I was with I lied and told them with Jessica and that we were hungry so we went to burger king. They believed me and told me next time to called them and tell them. I couldn't tell them I was with Carlos they would go crazy! They once told me he was a bad boy and that I shouldn't go any where near him.

When I went up to my blue and green blue I felt my phone BUZZ it was a text from Carlos.


Me- hey.

Carlos- wht are u doing 2moro nite?

Me- I am gonna take the new kid out. You know to show he around town.

Carlos- who da new kid?

Me- Harry Styles. I showed him around school today, and I asked him if he wanted to go to this one place I know to eat Friday night.

Carlos- so ur going on a date with him?

Me- No. I am just gonna show him around town and school for a week. him and his four friends.

shit. I did tell harry it was a date.

Carlos- ok. what about after that?

Me- I am coming home.

Carlos- can I come over?

he asked if he could come over, what should I say? my mom and dad would flip out if they found him here with me.

Me- My mom and dad wont let you.

how dumb did that sound ugh I feel so dumb.

Carlos- I can sneak in. ;)

"Really? sneak in? I don't think so." is what I wanted to say but instead I texted him this....

Me- how about Saturday,? my mom and dad are gonna go out and I will be staying.

Carlos- so we're gonna be alone?

Me- well my grandpa is gonna stay but he will be sleeping so kinda.

Carlos- great cant wait.

why did I just do that?

Me-bye Carlos see you tomorrow


I like Carlos I really do but something about me and him alone doesn't make me feel right. I don't what it is but whatever.

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