Can you be my fake boyfriend???

Nikki Cruz life is perfect right now. She has everything she has ever wanted and she is dateing the school most hot bad boy. she couldn't be more happier. Untill nikki mom and dad found out who her boyfriend was and no way in hell is her mom and dad gonna let her date him. So she is gonna ask Harry styles to be her fake boyfriend so she can go and sneak around with Carlos, But is harry just gonna be the fake boyfriend? Is Nikki and harry gonna fall for each other?


5. Meeting the boys

I wake up to the sound of my mom yelling saying to wake up." Nikki! wake up your going to miss the bus." I am the "baby" in here. My 3 older sisters are married and have kids and my one and only older brother lives with his friends, so I am the last one left. I get up and then I remember what happened yesterday. I still cant believe I am dating Carlos. I grab my phone to see what time it was. The screen said One unread text its from Carlos.

Carlos- Forget the bus, I'll pick u up in 30 mins

he sent that at 9:00am its 9:15am I only have 15 mins to get ready! I get up really fast go to the bathroom brush my teeth and washed my face then I put some make up on and then I brush my hair. I went up to my drawers and pulled out some grey skinny jeans a blue v neck shirt  with my white high top Nikes. I don't wear toms or bobs I prefur Nikes or some boots.

when I got done I went down to the living room grab my sweater and a apple then I heard a horn honk I gave my mom a kiss on her cheek and said bye. I cant help but smile when I see Carlos. I open his car door and got in I gave him a small kiss on the cheek and said hi.

he looks at me and smiles then starts to drive. He doesn't say anything and I don't say anything. when we got to school I see harry talking to 2 guys damn they are so cute. when harry sees me he smiles and waves me over to him I smiled back and turn to Carlos and said "I am gonna go talk to some friends" he didn't look happy but then he said "okay" I walked over to harry and he said "hey" then he hugged me and said "cant wait for tonight"

"whats going on tonight?" said a blonde boy with a cute accent

"we are going on a date."

I look up to see harry smiling at me and I wanted to tell him about me and carlos and that it wasn't a date no more just a girl and guy hanging out but I didn't want to tell him that in front of his friends.

"so, who are these 2 guys?" I asked changing the subject

"I am niall" said the blonde boy

"and I am Liam" said the guy with a buzz cut

"hi niall and liam I am nikki I will be showing you guys around school and if you want I can show you guys around town too."

I said with a smile on my face

"yeah sounds great nikki thanks." liam said to me

"umm so wheres the other 2 guys" I ask

"zayn and Louis are on there way" harry said

"there they are" niall said pointing at 2 guys walking up to us one has dark hair and a lot of tattoos  I think he might be cuter then carlos. next to him is another guy who is also cute when they reached us the guy with the dark hair said hi to me I just smiled and waved then the other boy said "I am Louis and this is zayn"

"hi I am nikki"

"so nikki you gonna show us around school?" Louis asked

"yeah later on tonight I am gonna show harry this pizza place I know."

"so your taking him on a date?" zayn said to me

i looked up at harry and smile then i said

"yup i guess i am."

"are you gonna show us the office" zayn asked

"NIKKI!!" i turn to see who called me and it was carlos he was coming up to us when he reached us he put his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek.

"who are these guys?' he asked

"the new guys i told you about."

"whos harry ?"

harry raised his hand and said "i am harry"

"i am liam"

"i am Louis"

"i am niall"

"and i am zayn" all five boys said god damn they are so cute.

"oh, i am carlos, nikki's boyfriend." carlos said looking right at harry.

"nikki? if you have a boyfriend why are you taking harry on a date then?" Louis asked

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