Can you be my fake boyfriend???

Nikki Cruz life is perfect right now. She has everything she has ever wanted and she is dateing the school most hot bad boy. she couldn't be more happier. Untill nikki mom and dad found out who her boyfriend was and no way in hell is her mom and dad gonna let her date him. So she is gonna ask Harry styles to be her fake boyfriend so she can go and sneak around with Carlos, But is harry just gonna be the fake boyfriend? Is Nikki and harry gonna fall for each other?


6. harry

i can feel my face getting red. All the guys were looking at me and i hate it when all eyes are on me. they were waiting for an answer and i didn't have one. Right when i was about to say something Carlos said " its not a date. Nikki is just gonna show harry around. " I couldn't keep my eyes off of harry, but once harry saw me looking at him he turned around.

"umm Carlos, I'll meet you at lunch. okay?"  I told Carlos while moving away from him.

"um yeah okay."  and then he left.

"c'mon lads lets go." harry said.

 "harry wait!" I yelled as he and the boys where about to leave.

when harry turned around his face looked sad and mad at the same time, and I hate myself for hurting him.

"what.?" his voice was cold.

"harry, the thing with Carlos happened yesterday after school. I still want to take you out maybe not as a date but two new friends hanging out to get to know each other better.??"

He looked down at the floor and smiled "sure Nikki, I still want to but is it just gonna be you and me?"

"yeah just you and me. if that's what you want."

"yeah that's what I want."

"okay, c'mon lets go take your friends to the office." harry nod his head and off we went to the office.


*I haven't posted anything in a long time and I am really sorry that this chapter is reallyyy short. since school is over I will be able to update more.right now I am still thinking on how to go with the story how to work it out so sorry.=/*


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