Can you be my fake boyfriend???

Nikki Cruz life is perfect right now. She has everything she has ever wanted and she is dateing the school most hot bad boy. she couldn't be more happier. Untill nikki mom and dad found out who her boyfriend was and no way in hell is her mom and dad gonna let her date him. So she is gonna ask Harry styles to be her fake boyfriend so she can go and sneak around with Carlos, But is harry just gonna be the fake boyfriend? Is Nikki and harry gonna fall for each other?


3. Carlos

Carlos was standing behind me, I didn't know what to do should I just turn around and walk away or wait till he says something?

"What?" I said

"Hey Nikki!" he said. I didn't say anything just looked at him. "So, at lunch you said that you don't like me"

"Yup." I said starting to walk away but he grab my arm and turn me around to face him.

"Why don't you like me? What did I ever do to you?"

"nothing"  our faces where just an inches apart " I am gonna miss the bus. can you let go of me?"

"the buses already left" he said smiling

"Great. Now I have to walk home. Thank you very much" I said 

" I'll drive you home" 

"No. I can walk"

"C'mon, its my fault that you missed the bus. let me take you home."

"no its fine I'll just walk"

"if you don't get in my car I am gonna pick you up and put you in the car"

"no you wouldn't " I said but I have a feeling he would

"yeah I would and you know I would so just get in"

I started walking to his car but slowly with a mad look on my face so he wont think I am happy that he is taking me home but inside of me I just want to jump up and down and scream! I cant believe Carlos is driving me home! I just don't want him to know that. Once I got in her kept on looking at me.

"stop it" I said kinda mean

"what? " he said as if he doesn't know

"you keep on looking at me"


"ugh never mind."

"why are you being mean, all I've been doing is being nice to you" he was right he was being nice and I was being like a bitch.


"its okay"

"umm where are you taking me? my house is all the way over there"

" i'm hungry "

"where are you taking me?"

"burger king"

"really? you said you were taking me home "

"I changed my mind and besides you and me need to talk"


"about us. and why you don't like me"

"because every girl likes you"

"so you think your a badass and that everyone wants to be like you or be with you"

"but that don't mean I like all those girls"

I just stayed quite till we got to burger king. When I got out of the car

Carlos grab my waist and pulled me close to him and whisper in my ear

"the only girl I like is you"

then he lean down and kissed me I was gonna pull away but I didn't want to.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and started kissing him back.

"so do you like me?" he said pulling away and taking my hand.

I just smiled and we walked in to burger king.

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