Death Do Us Part

This story follows a vampire (Hal), a werewolf (Charlie) and a ghost (Anna) all under the same roof. As Hal's wife comes back to warn him of an active vampire revolution, he is sucked into the memories and temptations of his past - but can he stay blood free in troubled times?

Inspired by Being Human - BBC 3.


1. Scarlett

A girl knocked on the door. She was wearing large, out of style sunglasses and facing away from the sun. She was mildly attractive and she stood out to many men, among a crowd. She knocked at the door again, impatiently. The door opened and there Anna stood in her constant clothing.

‘Oh great, a ghost,’ the girl said, as she pushed past Anna and into the house. Anna shut the door begin her and followed the stranger.

‘Where is he?’ she shouted.

‘Where’s who?’

‘Where is he?’ the girl said each word separately to patronise Anna.

Just then, he, in other words, Hal, came from the kitchen to see what all the noise is about. The girl turned around and smiled at the sight of him.

‘Well, well… Look at what the cat dragged in.’ He was promptly followed by another man, who stood there, grasping onto a wooden, pointing object.

‘Or maybe I should say dog,’ she laughed.

‘Get out!’ he looked at her, ‘I don’t want you here!’

‘You always want me.’ She went towards him. ‘You always needed me.’ He looked at her. She pressed him back, closer to the wall behind him. He resisted her.

‘No! I don’t want you.’

‘Hal?’ the other man questioned.

‘No, it’s okay Charlie.’

Charlie had a low, deep voice. She continued to press Hal back against the wall until his back slammed painfully into the wall (although it did the wall more damage than it did Hal). She came towards him, he could feel her breath on his cheeks, and not that she need breathe.

‘Tell me you don’t want to kiss me?’ she whispers. He remained silent. She looked right into his eyes, for a second only, and then she locked her lips with his. As she did this, his whole face changed. His eyes became cold, thick black and the gap between iris and pupil became non existent. His skin became paler, it must have not changed but it appeared different, and his teeth had been well improved. They stood out, in the replacement of inoffensive bone, fangs - sharp, frightening, like knives ready to be plunged into flesh, almost already dripping blood. They were prepared to rip through muscle, the grissle and cartilage you get so often in a body. They crack bones, snap them in one. They are willing to rip through life. His lips quickly moved, he wanted her neck, not because there’s any blood stored there but it’s a force of habit. His lips danced down her jaw onto her neck.

‘Hal?’ Charlie repeated, ‘Don’t, don’t.’ But Hal couldn’t hear him; he was ready to tear her throat out.

‘Vampires, bunch of animals.’ Charlie taunts, and Hal hears this.

‘Yeah, I know. I mean, get a room…’ Anna joins in.

Hal is remembering who he is. His skin seems to change again, become duller. His eyes acquire a green ring and his teeth are no longer prepared to cause mass murder. He takes his lips away from her and starts to come away.

‘I always knew you wanted me,’ she teases.

‘What are you doing here?’

‘I just thought I’d say ‘hi’,’ she smiles.

‘Don’t lie to me, I know you. You never find someone unless you want them.’

‘What must you think of me?’

‘I think you’re a poisonous bitch,’he says callously.

‘Then why did you marry me?’

‘That was five centuries ago!’

‘Until death do us part.’

‘We’re both dead.’

‘We’re not apart.’

‘Wait… You mean, you’re Hal’s wife?’ Anna questions.

‘Yes, keep up.’ The girl sits down on the sofa. ‘Don’t worry; I’ll only being staying a few months.’

‘A few months?’ the three say in despair.

‘I’ll be on my best behaviour…’

‘That means she’s going to paint the town,’ Hal translates.

‘I’d forgotten how much I loved you.’

‘You don’t know how to love.’

‘Maybe you can teach me.’

He smiled. He sat next her. ‘Do you ever stop flirting?’

‘When you stop loving it.’

Anna and Charlie had shuffled to the centre of the sitting room now and we’re still conveying a look of utter despair. They stared at the two fanged creatures on the sofa as if they were aliens. They were probably thinking OH GOD! NOT ANOTHER ONE!!! And they had every right to, in the end, no matter how hard vampires try there’s only one colour they can paint the town: RED.


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