Death Do Us Part

This story follows a vampire (Hal), a werewolf (Charlie) and a ghost (Anna) all under the same roof. As Hal's wife comes back to warn him of an active vampire revolution, he is sucked into the memories and temptations of his past - but can he stay blood free in troubled times?

Inspired by Being Human - BBC 3.


3. Hal's Past

As they sat there on the sofa, Charlie looked at her. She smugly smiled at him. ‘Don’t worry – Charlie, was it? I like wolves too, as long as you don’t have… well, you know, before a full moon. But they certainly have their attractions.’

Charlie was startled by this, ‘but you’ve… you’re one of them.’

‘There’s no law against it.’

‘Ignore my wife,’ Hal interrupts, ‘she’ll take her clothes off with anything.’

She laughs. ‘Well, I took my clothes off for you, didn’t I?’

Hal shoots a look of dangers at her; she sits there, smiling at him. She’s won this round and he knows it.

‘Where were before like?’ Charlie questions.

‘Just travelling.’

‘Leaving bodies in her wake,’ Hal taunts.

‘No, actually. Blood free since ’83. I’ve left all that behind.’

‘ ’83?’

‘Yes, ’83.’

‘The same year I gave up drinking.’

‘1983, I thought you’d have been dancing to George Michael back then. You always did like a man with hidden depths.’

‘Hal? Liking men,’ Charlie laughs.

‘I did the nearest thing, which contained blood, to me. I didn’t really register people back then. Anyway, I was talking about 1883.’

‘You’ve been clean more than a century?’

‘Yes, I have. It’s called self control, you should try it sometime.’

‘Wouldn’t you like to know?’

‘I do know, that’s why you came in lips poised. You little slut.’

She stuffed at this and gets up. ‘Do not call me a little slut. I had to watch you spill blood of thousand’s of people; male and female,’ she looks back at Charlie and winks, ‘ with you still in pursuit of me and our wedding vowels. I had something important to tell you. But if you’d rather not know then I’ll just go…’

She starts for the door. She gets her sunglasses out of her pocket and puts them on. She opens the door.

‘Scar, wait!’


‘Here’s my number.’ He passes her a little slip of paper with eleven digits on it. ‘Why not call me next time you get lonely.’

‘I’d rather breathe.’

  He laughs and slams the door behind him, leaving her stood on the street. She shoves the paper into her jeans’ pocket and strides off.

  Within the house, Anna comes out of the kitchen with four cups of tea.

‘Where is she?’

‘She’s gone. She’ll be back, but she’s gone for now.’

‘Who was she really?’

‘No –one,’ Hal lies.

‘Just his wife,’ Charlie blurts.

‘She’s actually your wife?’

 ‘Yes. Scarlett is technically my wife but we’re not together anymore, until today I hadn’t seen her in centuries.’

 Anna gets so excited that she smashes the tray of teas, making a mess on the floor. ‘You just threw your wife out?’

‘She’s trouble.’

‘Why did you marry her then?’

‘Nice tits,’ Charlie jokes.

‘Because,’ Hal corrects, ‘I was a different man back then. I caused trouble. She’s a reminder of who I was and I didn’t want her staying here and upsetting the neighbours. People shouldn’t be focusing attention on us.’

‘But she said she had something important to tell you, mate,’ Charlie reminds.


‘Don’t worry, A,’ Hal detracts, ‘She’s full of shit like that, it’s nothing.’

‘But you haven’t seen this girl for a long time?’

‘No, not since 17… 1760, Paris. She went crazy for Louis XV. He took her clothes off a lot.’

‘But now, she’s speaking to you again? Don’t you think that’s… Significant?’

‘Look, I know her. She probably wants to raise a little hell, read a poem, make love –‘

‘Then you can tap her on the arse and off she’ll go.’

‘I wasn’t going to phrase myself quite so crudely, but yes.’

‘I know female behaviour,’ Anna argues.

‘Fine. Twenty says I’m right.’

‘Fine. Twenty says I’m right.’

‘Fine twenty says I’m right.’ They both turn to look at Charlie.


‘Why are you betting?’ Hal asks.

‘Betting? I thought we were playing a game.’

They continue to look at Charlie, Hal sighs.

‘You won’t see her again,’ Hal promised.

‘What if we do?’

‘Look, Anna, please, stop worrying! If she comes back, which she won’t, but if she did… she’s harmless.’

Hal trails off. He can picture them both. Hal had come across a house. It had twenty servants, all female, accept from the butler. He could smell the five daughters and two boys they found. The man and the lady of the house – he could hear their screams. He tied up Jessica… was it Jessica? No, Mary. He tied Mary up, but didn’t gag her; he wanted to hear her scream. He’s forcing himself upon her, kissing her, promising her it’s not going to hurt. Bearing his teeth.

‘It’s okay,’ he promised.

 ‘It only hurts for a second.’ Scarlett had blood all over her corset, all over her face, her hands as she climbed up the stairs. Hal had Mary tied up on a large step where two landings met.

‘You show too much compassion. Letting her live for so long.’

‘Well, I couldn’t put on a show with no audience now, could I?’

‘Tell me, Mary, how old are you?’

’16, miss.’

‘Do you feel scared?’ She whispers.

Mary looked at Hal.

‘Its okay, Mary, I’ll let you speak.’

‘Yes, miss.’

   ‘Good,’ Hal interrupts, ‘Do you want to know a secret?’ Hal brings his mouth to Mary’s ear. ‘I don’t kill because I’m angry or depressed. I kill because I need the blood. I kill because I am in control, I am the precipice. The only thing able to give you life and death is me. I am God.’ Hal touches his stomach, ‘I’m also hungry, oh so hungry.’ He brings his mouth down towards her neck. ‘Don’t scream, don’t say a single word. Not a sound.’ He breathed slowly. His eyes went coal black, his teeth sharper than spears. He plunged his teeth into Mary’s throat. She screamed. Her scream was piercing against his ears. She sounded like she was in agony. Well, she was. They all were. Hal felt the high freshly pumped blood brings. He used his teeth to further massacre the body. He spread the blood all over his face as if he was washing his face in it. It was only then; Hal saw the tears running down his face. He was so ashamed. These memories, the experiences of killing stuck to him. They were unforgettable; they controlled his dreams most nights. Choosing to sleep was something else he did to keep his life normal. He felt the surge of emptiness that killing brought after all the blood had passed away. There was only so long he can not be hungry. Soon, he’d be draining another innocent body, not just of blood, of the experience of life, of all opportunity, of all happiness. He killed young girls mainly. Girls that had never been touched or kissed or bore children. They had the most to loose if their life was stripped from them, which made their blood taste nicer. Hal used to be undeniably cruel. He hated his past self and never wanted to be that person again. He knew that monster was still inside him somewhere and that terrified him. He’d tried to suppress him as much as possible but his hunger keeps growing. So he counts the seconds until that man returns, unwilling to accept him, unable to change the way things are.

‘Hal?’ Anna asks, ‘What’s wrong? Are you okay?’

‘I’m quite well. Just an unwelcome thought.’

Anna laughs, ‘I’ve had enough of those.’ She reached out to Hal, touching his hand. ‘It’s okay, we believe in.’ Charlie shuffled forward, ‘yeah, mate. It’s ‘ite, we’re always ‘ere for ya.’

Hal smiled. He wondered how they’d react if they knew who he really was. He wondered if they’d still be ‘there for him’? No, they wouldn’t. They’d run far away like so many others had. He’d never tell them unless they asked, unless they really wanted to know.

  Who’d want to know about Mary? Or Agatha? Maybe Lizzie would slip into conversation. Or Simon? Or George? Or Tanya? They wouldn’t ask, would they? His eyes darted about the room inadvertently, beads of sweat slithered down his neck. Anna watched him with a perplexity; she was half smiling, half afraid.

‘Hal?’ she called, trying to capture his attention. ‘What is it?’

Hal painfully turned around, ‘what’s what?’

‘Nothing,’ Anna replied, satisfied she’s received his attention. But Hal didn’t seem to much notice Charlie or Anna. He was haunted by what he was. Nothing grabbed his attention from all the horrible things he’d once laughed over, even boasted over. He’d sworn to do things again – worse, he’d sworn to do things that most vampires would be ashamed of. He’d have done those things if there was no humanity left inside him. There was, of course.

   ‘Fine! I’ll get it!’ Anna screamed. The phone rang out and Anna picked it up and listened.

Hal strode out of the room and went into the kitchen to find a cloth to clean up the spillage. He hated it when things stained.


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