The unlucky

Ava's life hasn't been good for her. What if she goes on xfactor and makes it, only to find out that the person she hates is one of the judge. But he doesn't know anything about her. Will this be a love story or a hate story.


2. Extra characters that are late on in the story.


Hey my name is bethany jane may.

Im 19.

Im trying out for xfactor. yay:)

i love one direction. favorite is harry. Why do they have to be so HOT.

I am not that popular. I was picked on school, but whatever. Now i work at target.

well i got to go. seeya beautiful.


hello guys. My name is layla ann. Im 17 and i dont give a crap of what people think of me.

I love to go  shopping, spend times with my friends, and singing.

My friends tell me i am great at singing so they made me try out on x factor. So i guess wish me luck.

Oh i like one direction, but not as much as the cab or the wanted.

welltalk  to you later. bye bye.


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