The unlucky

Ava's life hasn't been good for her. What if she goes on xfactor and makes it, only to find out that the person she hates is one of the judge. But he doesn't know anything about her. Will this be a love story or a hate story.


7. Chapter 5

Layla POV
Ok so I guess I'm good at singing, and here I am about to perform and go after two grate singers. How am I going to do that. I know my boyfriend and my best friend say I'm amazing, but I don't see it. Well they made me come here so I had to bring them with me. Right now I am passing and singing the song over and over again in my head.
"babe, stop worrying. You are going to do good." my boyfriend, mark seid.
"well try being in my position. The two people that I trust with all my heart, signed me up to sing in x factor, with out me knowing. I never been on stag before, let alone a crowd of people. What I mess up." I replied
" we'll your not going to mess up, because if I know you well, than I know you ar a confedent person is able to do anything see sets her mind to do." he seid
Ok this is why I love him. He is the best boyfriend I could ever have. I went on stag and sang firework. I made it true. I was not expecting that.
" told you that you were good." mark seid
"oh shut up"

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