The unlucky

Ava's life hasn't been good for her. What if she goes on xfactor and makes it, only to find out that the person she hates is one of the judge. But he doesn't know anything about her. Will this be a love story or a hate story.


5. Chapter 3

I haven't been at school, because of everything that happend.
Today is my Addition for x factor. I am so nervous that I think I might pee my pants. I came her by myself because my parents had to work and I don't a boyfriend or friend anymore to comfort me.
So I'm hear, by myself with nobody to be here for me.
Yep that's my life.
When I got there I saw over 300 people waiting outside. This is going to be a long day. I got my number and waited for my turn.
It's been what felt like forever when they called my number. I started get butterflies by they weren't as bad as other times.
When I worked on stage, I felt every staring at me. Which is supposed to happen when you addition for x factor.
When I look at the judges. I could not believe who I saw.
The one, the only, Louis Tomlinson.
Yay(note the sarcasm)
They asked me for my name and what song I was going to perform.
"I am Ava Rose and I'm going to sing heart attack by Demi lovato."
The music started and I got into the music. I started singing and forgot that I was singing to a crowd, or judges, or that I was on tv."
I was almost done with the song. I was wondering, why they haven't stopped me yet.
When I was done, there was a moment of silence. I was thinking to myself " was I really that bad" then all of the sudden the crowd cheered and the judges gave me a standing ovation. I was soo happy word cold not explain how I felt.
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