The unlucky

Ava's life hasn't been good for her. What if she goes on xfactor and makes it, only to find out that the person she hates is one of the judge. But he doesn't know anything about her. Will this be a love story or a hate story.


4. chapter 2


how could he. i thought to myself. I hate him. i hate every min. ive been thinking and wasting time on him.

I have been home for two days. My parents are worried about me. i just told them i had a cold. Today i have to go to school. i cant be crying over him anymore. He is nothing to me, but why does it hurt so bad.

I have to get ready now and face the day.

(skip to school)

 I walked in and everybody was staring at me. i just ijnored them and continued walking.

why is everbody staring at me. I went to my locker and put the combination in. My friend sara came and said." so why didnt you tell me" i was confusd

"Tell you what" she rolled her eyes ok!!

" That you cheated on jake" she yelled

" What? where did you here that. I didnt cheat on Jake, Jake cheated on me." i explained

" Oh sure blame everything on Jake. He loved you and you had to turn the knife on him." i could not believe what i was hearing

" Who told you that?" i asked

"Jake of course" she said it like it was the worst question in the world to ask.

"Oh now i get it. Jake was lying and flipped the whole story around. He was the one that cheated on me. he wanted to hurt me by saying i cheated on him." i tryed to tell her

" oh shut up. You just want him to feel the pain instead of owning up to what you did." she said in an annoying tone


"whatever" she scoffed" i never really liked you any way. Oh and since you broke up with jake. He can finally be mine" and with that. she walked away

i saw jake turn the corner and when he saw me. He had a smerk on his face. i went up to him and slapped him as hard as i could and yelled " HOW COULD YOU SAY I CHEATED ON YOU WHEN YOU WERE THE ONE THAT CHEATED ON ME."

everyone was staring at us." Oh look at that. she is lying right in front of me." he told the crowd that was now around us

everyone was now calling me names. i shouldnt take this. i walked out of the school, not carring that i had classes to go to.

When i got to the car. i turned the radeo on. OF corse it has to be one direction. UG i hate them so much. The way they sing and act like there funny but in reality. there are just annoying people that happen to be one of the most famous bands around.

when it got to louis part. i just turned it of and started driving. sara, my ex best friend.loved louis the most. i tought he was the worst out of the group.

ah. I hate this school, i hate sara, i hate one direction, and i hate jake.

At least in a couple of days i can maybe make it in the x factors addition and get away from here. i cant wait.


(how did you like it)




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