The unlucky

Ava's life hasn't been good for her. What if she goes on xfactor and makes it, only to find out that the person she hates is one of the judge. But he doesn't know anything about her. Will this be a love story or a hate story.


3. chapter 1


      I am listening to ed sheeren. Give me love. I just love him. He is amazing. I was singing along to the lyrics while i was driving to school. i have to be at school 10min earlier, because my boyfriend wanted talk to me about something. His name is jake and i think im in love with him. We have been together for almost 2 years.

    I found him by our spot by the bench. I am one of the top dancers in the school and jake is on the football team. We are called the perfict couple.

"Hey" i told him

"Oh hey  babe" he replied

" so what do you wanna talk about" I asked

" i have something to confess" he told me " i kind of slept with someone, but it-it didnt mean anything. im so sorry."

I was so not expecting that. " Why in the world would you do that, and how can you say it didnt mean anything." i screamed

"I didnt mean to. it was a mistake" he tryed to confort me with a hug but i just push him away.

" who was it" he didnt reply " WHO WAS IT" i screamed.

"s-sara" he admitted

"SARA!!!! you mean the schools slut. Thats it we are done." i turned around to leave but he grabbed me by the arm and turn me around.

"dont leave. i-i love you" he said with tears streaming down his face

" i thought i loved you to, but that was a mistake" with that, i left him crying and begging me to stay. i just ignored it.

( short i now but next chapter will be longer. so howdo you like it. Be honest.)






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