Truly in Love (Sequel to Bullies That Belong to Me)

(Sequel to: Bullies That Belong to Me) Ale and Louis have been dating for almost a year now. Will they deal with the tough situations? Or will they split apart?


9. Chapter 9

Louis's P.O.V.                I saw Ale on the floor in pain. She was laying there, in pain.

"Zayn," I said. She just nodded as I picked her up bridal style. I carried her upstairs to my room. I set her down on my bed as she laid down, "Ale. What happened?"

"Zayn. Hurt. Me," she said breathing in between words.


"My sides, back, stomach and places I don't know," I lifted her shirt up a little to see huge bruises on her back and stomach. I just looked at the bruises carefully, those were definitely from Zayn. But those bruises couldn't have formed that fast. He had to have hit her before but she didn't tell me. I lifted her shirt more and saw more bruises, scratches and scars. I gasped in horror. I put her shirt back down and she sat up. I got on my knee and grabbed her hand. I looked her in the eyes.

"Ale. Why didn't you tell me that he hurt you before?"

"What do you mean?" she whispered.

"God damn it Ale! You know exactly what I'm talking about!" she looked down and tears started to form in her eyes. I pulled her off the bed and held her close to me as she cried into my shoulder, "Listen Ale, I'm sorry for snapping at you. But when something like this happens you absolutely have to tell me. I can't let you get hurt. I love you with all my heart, and if something happened, I don't know what I would do with myself," she nodded and smiled at me. I put my arms around her waist, and she put her arms around my neck. She laughed as she wrapped her legs around me too. I pulled her in and we kissed. I love Ale. I always have and always will, "Do you want to stay in here tonight?" I asked her. She nodded and I laid her down on my bed and pulled the covers over her. I went to my drawer and grabbed some sweats. I put those on and took off my shirt. I walked over to the bed and laid next to her. I turned off the lamp and laid facing away from her. She wrapped one leg around me laughing. I laughed a little and turned to face her. I looked into her hazel eyes and she looked into mine.



"Thank you,"

"For what?"

"Everything. For protecting me, for being with me. For being my whole world," I looked at her and smiled biting my lower lip. I leaned in closer and we both kissed passionately. We released and looked at each other, faces close.

"I love you Ale,"

"I love you too,"



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