Truly in Love (Sequel to Bullies That Belong to Me)

(Sequel to: Bullies That Belong to Me) Ale and Louis have been dating for almost a year now. Will they deal with the tough situations? Or will they split apart?


6. Chapter 6

Ale's P.O.V.                   Holly just left. She was here for about three hours! I went upstairs to my room and laid on my bed. I was laying there when there was a knock at my door. "Come in," I said. Louis walked in and smiled at me. "Hey Louis," I said. "Hey babe," "What's up?" "Nothing, just bored," "Nice to know I am your choice-of-when-you're-bored," I told him. He just laughed. "Hey you know well that it isn't like that," I giggled at him. "What are we eating for dinner?" I asked him. "The boys are just getting pizza. "Again? This would be the fifth time since they got home yesterday," "Yeah I know," he just laughed a little, "Maybe we could just go out tonight," "Sure, just let me get ready," "Okay. I'll be in my room," he started to walk out of the room when he turned around. "Let me know if you wanna 'do my hair'," he said with a wink. I laughed as he sashayed out of the room. I got up and walked to my closet. I grabbed a dress I found, and put tights on. I put my converse and nerd glasses on. I curled my hair, and didn't put makeup on. (Every time I wear makeup Louis washes it off and tells me I don't need it) I opened my door and walked down the hallway. I knocked on Louis's door. "Come in," he said. I walked in and smiled at him. He looked at me and walked towards me. "You look absolutely beautiful, as always," he said kissing the top of my head. I looked up at him and smiled. He grabbed my hand and we headed downstairs. The boys were in the living room watching a movie. "Don't you two look nice!" Zayn said. "Yeah we're going out to eat," Louis said. "Can we come?" Niall asked. Louis looked at me and I nodded. "Sure!" Louis said. They ran upstairs and quickly got dressed. They came back down and smiled. "Okay, let's go!" Louis yelled.

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