Truly in Love (Sequel to Bullies That Belong to Me)

(Sequel to: Bullies That Belong to Me) Ale and Louis have been dating for almost a year now. Will they deal with the tough situations? Or will they split apart?


4. Chapter 4

Ale's P.O.V.                 I woke up to people talking downstairs. I got up and ran to my closet. I grabbed my jeans, and yellow American Eagle shirt. I put that on and buttoned the shirt up. I threw on socks, and my Vans, and brushed my teeth and hair. I put on a little makeup and ran downstairs. "Hey guys," I said as I walked in. "Hey Ale," Harry said, "Sleep well?" he asked. "Yeah. You?" "Good," I opened the fridge and grabbed the orange juice. I opened a cabinet and grabbed a glass, and poured the juice. I quickly drank it when someone rang the doorbell. I got excited. I ran to the door and opened it. We both screamed. Louis came running downstairs. "What happened?" "Oh nothing Lou, just excited to see my friend again," Liam came downstairs too. He looked at my friend and seemed nervous. "Guys, this is my friend Holly. Holly, this is Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall," she smiled and waved. "Nice to meet you guys!" she said smiling. Liam still seemed a little nervous. I think he liked her.

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