Truly in Love (Sequel to Bullies That Belong to Me)

(Sequel to: Bullies That Belong to Me) Ale and Louis have been dating for almost a year now. Will they deal with the tough situations? Or will they split apart?


11. Chapter 11

Louis's P.O.V.             Ale ran out of my room, and I heard the front door slam. Great. Just great. I scared my girlfriend away. I'm just disappointed that she would do this to herself. Why? That was what I didn't know. I put on some jeans and a shirt. I threw my Toms on and ran downstairs. I opened the door and started towards the park I go to, when I clear my mind. I walked through the park and saw her. Ale. She was sitting on the bench crying her heart out. I feel so bad. She was in the park crying, because of me. I walked towards her and sat next to her.

"Ale. I'm really sorry," she looked up at me.

"Louis, I can't do this anymore. I hurt you. I can't live with myself,"

"Ale. Yes I'm hurt, but I'm more disappointed than hurt. Why would you even do this to yourself?"

"I-I-I don't know. I guess I just had to let my pain go,"

"By cutting your arms?"

"I just a lot on my mind okay?" I grabbed her hands and looked at her.

"Ale, if you ever need to talk just come to me okay? I can't stand knowing that you would do something like this. I love you and I can't live with that," she just smiled and pulled me into a hug.

"Thank you Louis," I stood up and grabbed her hand. We walked back home and into our rooms. I can't live with myself knowing that she would do something like this.

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