Truly in Love (Sequel to Bullies That Belong to Me)

(Sequel to: Bullies That Belong to Me) Ale and Louis have been dating for almost a year now. Will they deal with the tough situations? Or will they split apart?


1. Chapter 1

Ale's P.O.V.                I woke up to the sound of a door. It was the front door. It was Louis. They were home from tour. I got up excitedly, I heard them talking downstairs. I opened my door and ran down the steps. I saw Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall. I gave them all quick hugs. I didn't see Louis. "Um, where is Louis?" "He's in the kitchen," Harry said. I ran to the kitchen and opened the door. Louis quickly turned around and smiled. We ran to each other, he picked me up and spun me around. He set me down and pulled me in for a kiss. The kiss was long and it lingered on my lips. I loved his kisses. He released me and we hugged for what seemed like the longest time. Louis is my guy, we have been dating for about a year! We haven't got into any type of argument either. "I missed you so much Ale!" "I missed you too," We released the hug and smiled at each other. "Need any help?" I asked. "Um, yeah can you run out to the car and grab my bag?" "Sure," I ran out of the kitchen and outside. I opened the back door, and saw Louis's bag. I grabbed it and ran back inside. "Here you go," I said. "Thanks love," I nodded. He turned around and looked me in the eyes. "I've missed your eyes," Louis whispered. I blushed and looked down. I looked back up, and smiled at Louis. He grabbed my hands and looked me in the eyes. "Listen, I want this day to be just you and me. I was thinking we could go see a movie, have lunch, and go to the park. Then, later we can have dinner," I smiled. "It sounds perfect," I said giving him a kiss on the cheek and turned around to get ready.

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