Summer Love

Amy Benson's Dad 's Job is To Watch Over Famous Singers/actors For The whole Summer And Amy Was in For a Surprise When She Found out That Her Dad Had to Watch One Direction Over the Summer. But Which Guy Would Steal Her Heart?


6. Prom

Amy's P.O.V

Well Its A Tuesday :) Usually Every Tuesday Me Eleanor , Perrie and Danielle Hangout! So I Decided To Text Danielle .

To : Dani

From: Amy

Hey! Wut r we Doin today?


To: Amy 

Well I guess We Can Just Go shopping !

From: Amy 

To; Dani

Why Don't we Have a litlle Dance Today i cant tell the boys to go buy some Suit And Ties and We'll buy Dresses And Other stuff and Like dance Like We're Having another prom! 

From: Dani 

To: Amy 

Sure! Thats A Great Idea I'll Tell El and Perrie .Mkay Bye See Ya soon!

I put my Phone in my Purse I went downstairs I told the boys. They agreed I texted Dani saying They said yes. After An hour We All Went to the Mall To buy our stuff . The boys had to go in disguises Haha. I Bought a Beautiful Pink Short Dress With a bow on the side! and im making my hair Curly and Down!

Niall's P.O.V

I Wanna Take Amy But i Dont know how to ask her! And if i ask to late maybe harry Already Asked her already! Well whatever ill just ask her when we get to the mall *10 minutes later at the mall Hey Amy Can i ask you a Question i say? Sure She Answered . will you be My Date To our little Prom ? Sure why not ? Then Dani , El and Perrie Went to buy their Dresses. We All Bought Our Tuxes Then Half an Hour Later We Met back at the car then headed home! I was Super Excited! *Get To the House Okay Everyone Lets Get changed Amy Said So then We all Got changed We Got Josh To Be The Dj . 

Harry's P.O.V * at the mall So You guys i dont know what to get " Ow " Sorry i didn't mean to bump into you . " Wow "  "what" she said " you look really Beautiful " " Thanks but i dont even know you " "Excuse me my names Harry , And yours?" " Mine is Avery" " Well That's A Really Nice name " "Right Back at ya Curly " " Hey Me and My friends are having a Prom! Would you like to come ? Cause i really like you and I want To know u a bit more *wink" " Sure why not " She replied

Amy's P.O.V 

*Back at the house

Okay So 

Liam is Bringing Danielle

Harry is Bringing Avery

Zayn is Bringing Perrie

Louis Is Bringing Eleanor 

And Last But not least niall is bringing me! 

So Josh is the Dj! 

Okay Lets Get This Party Started i Say! We We're Dancing to pop songs then After 2 hours Josh Finally played a Slow song After 1 minute Niall Leaned in to Kiss Me. And Danielle And liam kissed ! Wow . 

Liam's P.O.V

When Me and Danielle Kissed I felt Nothing That's Why i broke up with her because in the beginning i felt fireworks! now all i feel is nothing . But when i kissed Amy i felt that spark that firework i just loved it so much!  


Harry's P.O.V 

Yes i kissed Avery I did indeed Feel a spark So i guess ill keep her around for awhile! She is Really Pretty Though Her Dark Brunette Hair Green Eye's she's just . just perfect! 

Amy's P.O.V 

Wow how can this night get any better ? Well i can Tell you Niall And I are now dating! At like 12:00 pm we Went To McDonalds Cause we were starving , went back to my house then ate! after We watched a movie They All Passed out on the couch Me And Niall Fell Asleep in my Bed! 



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