Summer Love

Amy Benson's Dad 's Job is To Watch Over Famous Singers/actors For The whole Summer And Amy Was in For a Surprise When She Found out That Her Dad Had to Watch One Direction Over the Summer. But Which Guy Would Steal Her Heart?


8. Interview

Amy's P.O.V 

I woke Up  this Morning . Still Worried About What Happened last Night .  I Decided To go Down Stairs And To find Myself Again Awake By myself . So I Made Pancakes For Everybody And Made Some Lemonade. They All Probably Woke Up to the smell of pancakes cause they all came rushing down stairs. I ate With Them Their Really hungry Their like devouring their food . Wait Where's Harry I said i dont know ill go look Louis replied okay  i said back probably sounding worried . 

Louis's P.O.V

I Volunteered To go check on Harry Of Course Cause he's my best friend. I knocked on his Door 

"It's Open " He said

" Alrighty " i Replied 

" Harry why don't You come and eat some pancakes Amy cooked them" 

" Because i-i-i just can't face her"

" Why " 

" Because She's Dating Niall and I really Like her, I just feel so Depressed I can't Face Either of them " 

" Well Sorry Buddy Your Gonna Have To face Niall Today we Got That Interview Remember? " 

" Oh Yeah " 

" Well I just Bring the Pancakes up here for you , Alright ? "

" Sure " 

I went Down stairs And Told Them I had to talk With Amy And Niall In private 

Well you Guys Harry Said he doesn't Wanna face neither of you . 

why i said?

i dont know .

Well okay niall said he went to sit back down

Amy wait i said 

what she replied 

i know why Harry Doesn't Wanna face neither of you. 


Cause He Really Likes you But your dating Niall He Feels Depressed. 

Oh What About Avery? 

i really dont know 

okay she replied

Amy's P.O.V 

I Felt Really Heart broken When Louis Told me Harry didn't Wanna face neither of us . I really Like Harry To But im With niall  And I really Like Harry Ugh . Why does love have to be so complicating ? Well Harry not Wanna face Neither Me or niall probably explains why he's been ignoring me all week.  I had To stay At Home With Avery for the rest of the day Cause the Boys Had to go to an interview . So I decided to Call over Perrie , Eleanor and Danielle So we all Decided Watch Pitch Perfect Then i got a text . okay Guys 1 sec I got a Text .

To: Amy

From : Unknown number 

Hey Amy It's Me Again I know your Address 36 Maple Ave. I'm Watching you and your little Friends . I'll get You Amy Marie Johnson . I love you and i know you still love me !

i Ran Back to the Girls Crying Eleanor Called Niall.. 

Niall's P.O.V 

I didn't Feel Comfortable Leaving amy by herself but i had to . So we went To the interview They  Asked us all questions Then After an Hour i Got A call From Eleanor 

*on the phone 


Hi El What wrong?

Amy got one of those texts again she Need's You to come back now! 

okay ill be their in 5

*end of Conversation 

You Guys We need to go i said 

why louis replied

Because Amy got one of those Texts again . 

Okay Liam Told The Interviewers That we needed to go 

We all ran to the van and sped home .

We All Tried Comforting Amy As much As possible Then After A while we all Fell Asleep on the couch

Amy's P.O.V 

I heard a door open Then a minute later Everything Went pitch black .....

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