Summer Love

Amy Benson's Dad 's Job is To Watch Over Famous Singers/actors For The whole Summer And Amy Was in For a Surprise When She Found out That Her Dad Had to Watch One Direction Over the Summer. But Which Guy Would Steal Her Heart?


3. Hanging Out

Amy's P.O.V 

Well Today Its Saturday And I get To hang Out with the Boys ( Hopefully i don't freak out ) . So The Boys Let Me Pick what we get to do to . " Swimming and then i want to go to a fair then go  get some pizza  And You Guys Can Bring Your Girlfriends to if you want." I say . the Boys Just Cheered . I told them i was going up stairs to get ready . 

Niall's P.O.V 

Today Looks Like a Great Day To get to know Amy shes just so beautiful With her Beautiful Green eyes and Long Luscious Locks *Sigh  " Well Guys im Gonna Go get my Swim shorts

Harry's P.O.V  

*Sigh  Amys So pretty   . Todays the perfect day to get to know amy :) ."  brb guys going to get my shorts" 

Amy's P.O.V 

"So you Guys all Ready?" 

"Yeah " They replied 

"Kay lets head to The pool"

We We're Having So much Fun Just Splashing With Each other going down the water slide we played Volleyball Then Niall Pulled Me to the side and we started chatting about ourselves . It Was Fun Well i looked at Harry And He Had This like Jealousy look in his eyes. 

After We Finished Swimming We Went to the fair and went on some rides i got cotton candy; yum :). I played like some games i won some and lost some but When Harry Won a Game He Gave His Big stuffed teddy he won to me! Then Harry and i started talking i told him everything that i told Niall . So after Everyone Was Hungry So We Went To Boston Pizza Got Two Extra-large Pizza's One Plain Cheese And The other Pepperoni. That Was So good; mm mm

It Was Fun Then We all Went i Home i got Ready to Go To bed And Before i went to sleep Niall horan kissed Me on the lips . I couldn't Belive it i took me awhile before i fell asleep! 


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