Summer Love

Amy Benson's Dad 's Job is To Watch Over Famous Singers/actors For The whole Summer And Amy Was in For a Surprise When She Found out That Her Dad Had to Watch One Direction Over the Summer. But Which Guy Would Steal Her Heart?


7. From Date Night to Fright Night

Amy's P.O.V 

Well I woke Up With Niall Just hugging My waist I liked it . I turned around and faced him then he woke up . good morning Cutie ? good Morning . He replied . What Are we gonna do today ? Well We could.... uhhhh... ummmm .... possibly go ... on our first date ?  Sure why not" i said  

Well we Can Go For....a....a.... A Picnic! I suggested 

why not He replied

Well I'll go get the Food Ready While you get ready alright ? 


I Walked down stairs To find That Everyone was still sleeping so i had to make this quiet i guess . I was making the Sandwiches The Harry Walked In and Scared the living Hell out of me 

Hey Beautiful . He said

Harry you scared me . seriously never Do that again!  

Well im sorry . 

Anyways Just Put some shorts and Shirt on . please? 

Alright But i thought u liked all this ? * points to himself 

Well U thought Wrong buddy. I started giggling 

Then he went up stairs to put clothes on . 

Well for The picnic i packed some Little Sandwiches , Salad , Fruit and some drinks Plus a big huge fluffy blanket .

Then Niall Came Down stairs

Well Niall Im finished Packing our picnic ima just go get ready alright? 

I went up stairs i Grabbed my makeup bag some clothes and a towel .

i went To The Bathroom

Hey curly Its my turn .

Alright then Ms. Sassy

Then He started Staring into my eyes and i was staring in his his big Beautiful Green eyes He leaned to kiss me but luckily i dodged  no matter how much i wanted it i had to . 

What was that for

Im sorry . but did anyone tell you I have a boyfriend ?

WHAT NO NO ONE-? i ... i mean what no one ever told me. Who are you dating anyways? 

Well im dating Niall 

Oh... He said In a Sad face then he walked out of the bathroom 

Well i turned on the shower till it was hot but not to hot . 

but in my head i was hoping that im NOT starting to develop feelings for Harry 

Well then after 15 minutes i got out of the shower and Got dressed i put on my makeup then curled my hair Then i ran downstairs  I told Niall I was Ready We Told the boys we we're going to the park. 

*5 mins later

Okay Niall Lets Set up The blanket here alright . 

So we pulled the blanket out of the basket and layed it down We sat and Chatted for awhile then we decided to Pull out the food . * beep 

K 1 sec Ni Ni 

i just got a text be back in a sec I went to look to see who it was from this is what it said

From : Unknown Number 

To : Amy 

Hey Amy Remember Me ? Your Ex Well I found you and im gonna get you And don't think you'll get away this time I know Everything About you know . 

I Ran Back to niall Crying 

Whats wrong ? 

i... i ..I Got a text i started sobbing Niall lets go back to the house please. I dont feel comfortable please Niall hurry Up ? We put all the stuff away and Ran back to the house i Was still Crying When We got to the house everyone was Wondering Why so Niall Told them . They All Sat Around Me Trying To make me feel better . But Harry Wasn't There i don't know where he was.  

* at 10:00 pm

Niall's P.O.V

Hey Amy are you still awake


Can i ask you something ? 


Who's your Ex ? 

Well . it all started in like the 6th grade Daniel My Ex was in Grade 7 We we're dating and he always wanted to have like sex and stuff like that but i didn't want to so ...soo i started sobbing one .... one day hhhe j-j-ust raped me And after it h-h-he said if i told anyo-o-one he w-w-would kill me . so i never t-t-told anyone and when i-i- got home i cut my-my-myself and The end is when i started crying really hard . 

Its okay Hunny He'll Have to Go through me first . Now Just go to bed now i think you should try and get some rest 

~in Amys Dream~

No No Please Daniel Dont kill them ... please no i started crying He Grabbed the knife and started stabbing All the boys . NO WHY? Making me sob even more.  I loved them their the only people i have left . I thought u loved me ? 

I thought i loved you to but you Raped me how could i ever forgive you for that and you Just Killed The people I loved! WHY?


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