Summer Love

Amy Benson's Dad 's Job is To Watch Over Famous Singers/actors For The whole Summer And Amy Was in For a Surprise When She Found out That Her Dad Had to Watch One Direction Over the Summer. But Which Guy Would Steal Her Heart?


12. Chapter 12.

Amy's P.O.V


I woke up Decided to make myself useful And make some breakfast i was still paralyzed by mine and harrys kiss im scared to tell niall , i dont wanna break up with him i love him with all my heart. Me and harry should talk about it. I felt hands across my waist hit them and reminded harry " I got a boyfriend " somebody replied " who said this was Harry"  Everything went black and then be fore i passed out i screamed .


Harry's P.O.V


i woke up to screaming i ran down stairs to see Daniel carrying Amy in his arms. i was about to grab my gun and shoot him but he got to it first and shot me in the arm and leg. After he left i eventually got to phone the boys and told them everything and they rushed to my house. The last thing i remember was liams voice saying " HURRY CALL 911 " .

I woke up in the hospital. Wandering how i got here then the boys explained to me everything that happend. The two things i couldn't stop thinking about 2 things Mine and Amys kiss like how our we supposed to tell niall I'd lose two things that day my Best mate and the love of my life. and the other thing i cant stop thinking about is where Daniel took amy..


Amy's P.O.V


I woke up in a dark room . Where the floors were Cement the walls and the roof. I was scared, Terrified. then i heard foosteps coming towards me it was daniel. The horny side of  him i didnt like seeing. I kicked him and said " please not right now , go away asshole "  He kicked me and said no its my place ill do what i want to ok bitch . why'd he have to be so mean i fucking hated him with all my heart the next thing i new i was naked. HE RAPED ME HE FUCKING RAPED  ME I started sobbing my eyes out then realized i had my phone. but the thing is i didnt know where i was but i still needed to call to tell them i wasn't dead...... YET. 

*Dialed Niall


Hey Niall?

Amy is that you?

Yes Please come save me i need you 

where are you

i- i dont know all i know is that everything down here is cement

okay. bye

Wait Niall i have to tell you something

yes babe , you can tell me anything 

i told him very fast " when i stayed at harrys i kissed him 2 im sorry it didnt mean anything to me it was all him " i sayed Burst out crying 

he said ok we'll be there 

*end of call

I was Starving I started  Screaming Daniels name till somebody came down stairs. 

what do you want slut?

Im starving 

ill be back. 

*5 minutes later

Thanks for the sandwich and water i mumbled .

Minutes later i heard " FUCK YOU " then 3 gunshots 

then heard 3 footsteps running towards me it was liam , louis and zayn they helped me put on some clothes .then we left i asked wheres Niall And harry in a worried voice. they showed me and i couldnt stop crying. they called the ambulance and the got rushed to the hospital with us behind them. and for daniel hes dead Long Gone far away so he could never hurt me again . well at least thats what i thought...




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