Emma is just an ordinary girl who loves One Direction. Emma was sitting home with her bestfriend Olivia and there's a know on the door could it really be?............


9. Why?

     Olivia's P.O.V.

I got home from work and everyone was there except Emma, i knew she was on her date but than i realized Niall, And Zayn were missing. I asked the boys but it's like their all giving me the silent treatment. I asked and asked and asked but they wouldn't answer me i found myself yelling. Finally Liam stood up and told me Em was in the hospital apparently Zayn hurt her, huuu i want to kick his ass now I  knew  he liked her but why would he punch her? I rushed to the hospital and got Em's room number. In the room Zayn, Niall, and Ben. I looked at Zayn, he looked guilty good, I gave him the stare and he looked away i went over to Em she was asleep I couldn't believe Zayn had done this. I asked Ben if she was okay he told me she has a concussion and a broken nose. I stared at Zayn again back and Niall and than to Zayn.


   Zayn's P.O.V

I could feel the tension in Olivia's eyes she looked hurt but really mad i looked away and found this guy Ben was staring at me did he really like Emma? NO!! he couldn't  she was mine i don't care what i have to do but i'm going to make her mine!


    Nial's P.O.V


Zayn had a weird smile on his Face now that im dating Olivia im very protective of her and Emma, and Ben, he was a nice kid.I looked at zayn and back to Em he was staring right at her so i told him to stop, he licked his lips than i punched him. He punched me back but it didn't hurt.


  Ben's P.O.V.

I didn't like the way Zayn was looking at Emma. I saw zayn and Niall were fighting but they went outside when we went home Emma went straight to bed and i followed. I really didn't like like Em and i dont think she like liked me but i wantedd to stay friends. I slept on the cot in the hall, and with that i was asleep.



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